Noble, Organic 2014 Sitrus Hill Vineyard Semillon From The Hatch


by Treve Ring | This ain’t your typical Okanagan winery. From the idiosyncratic labels to the curio emporium / boys club / ex-tractor shed tasting shop down to the three young entrepreneurs themselves, each one a capital “G” wine Geek. When it opened last year in West Kelowna, The Hatch quickly gained attention for its unconventional model, a long-hatching dream of Jesse Harnden (Arch Deacon), Andrew Melville (Chief Steward) and winemaker Jason Parks (The Maker).

This organic Osoyoos Sitrus Hill Vineyard semillon carries the grape’s characteristic oily sheen, orchard pear, lemon blossom and lime pith, thankfully unmasked by oak. The acidity and vibrancy is in its teenage, sullen rebellious stage, and while it most likely will amp up the volume with chilling in the bottle, you can easily enjoy this youthful white with tofu or prawn Pad Thai now.

I recently chatted up Arch Deacon (and ex-Mission Hill sommelier) Jesse Harnden about its message in a bottle…

The Hatch 2014 Semillon | Sitrus Hill Vineyard | $22.00

Straight up – why did you make this wine? We wanted to celebrate the grapes that are the noble grinders who don’t always get the love and respect they warrant and thus have not found a home in the hearts of wine fans – the Hobos if you will. Semillon seemed well travelled and committed enough, but without the well deserved affection.

Where are the grapes from? These grapes are from a gobsmacking-ly beautiful organic vineyard called Sitrus Hill in the north part of Osoyoos. They are farmed by the lovely Teya Coty and her family.

Your ideal pairing with this wine would be…? The view from Sitrus Hill while nibbling on something delicate and infused with more citrus.

Favourite BC wine, other than yours? A serious toss up between Calona Sovereign Opal, Conviction Sovereign Opal, and Sychromesh “Thorny Vines” Riesling.

What do you drink when you’re not drinking BC wine? The Hatch has been fueled by IPA’s, Scotch, and well aged Santa Cruz Cabernet since its inception so many years ago.



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