Vancouver Would Be Cooler If It Had A ‘Shake Shack’ Location Of Its Very Own


We don’t usually advocate for the importation of foreign brands, especially chains, but we’ve loved the Shake Shack since it’s 2004 Manhattan start with its signature burgers and milkshakes. So when we learned this month that it was expanding to the South Korean capital our brows collectively wrinkled. Why them and not us? It’s an admittedly silly, petulant complaint, but we’ve watched with gritted teeth as the company has expanded around the world, seemingly everywhere except here. Not counting the countless locations in the United States, there are now dozens across the Middle East; Turkey and Russia have seven between them; the UK has several; Tokyo has one (with another on the way); Beirut has two; and now Seoul. Can it be our turn soon? We’ll take ours next to the Third Beach Pool or along Spanish Banks, please. Thank you.


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  1. Big Wheel Burger…invite them over from Victoria. Pretty much the same, none of those shitty crinkle fries though.

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