Sarah Davidson’s “Nothing AZ” At East 2nd’s Chernoff Fine Art & Printing


Chernoff Fine Art and Printing has been specializing in fine custom frames since opening their doors 20 years ago. They are anything but a one trick pony, though. In the front foyer and open to the public during office hours, is an intimate gallery dedicated to exhibiting Vancouver’s up and coming artists. Currently on view is Sarah Davidson; a recent graduate from Emily Carr University of Art + Design who is developed beyond her years. Sarah brings together illustration, line work, painting and collage with a wonderfully unique and sophisticated pop aesthetic. Case in point: Nothing AZ (40 x 251/2 inches). Put a dot on it fast before it’s gone.

Artist: Sarah Davidson | Piece: Nothing AZ, Ink watercolour, silkscreen and collage on paper
Price: $1,200 | Space: Chernoff Fine Art and Printing | 265 East 2nd Avenue


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