Vancouver Restaurants That Serve Bowls Of Steaming Hot And Delicious Mussels


Mmm, moules. We dig ’em a lot this time of year. Though we’re not medically accredited in any shape or form, we know they work for us in smoothing pangs of autumn blahs. For real, the next time you feel the slightest bit bummed about the coming of another Vancouver winter, park your face over a steaming bowl of mussels. A lot of local restaurants do them well. Here are our Top Five for your ranking consideration…

CHAMBAR | They do ’em three ways, but the stand-out is definitely their Moules Congolaise with tomato coconut cream, smoked chili, lime, and cilantro. Long considered the ultimate moules experience in YVR.

BISTRO WAGON ROUGE | Though a constant fixture on the specials menu, the moules options change. If you ever see the tomato and chorizo one, pounce. Likewise the version with rosemary, pork fat, and croutons.

TABLEAU BAR BISTRO | Classically prepared a la pernod cream sauce with tomatoes, shallots and herbs, this is the one you want if you desire a more transportive experience. Paris is amazing in the Fall…

BIERCRAFT | There are six different versions on the menu here, but the one to seek out sees the mussels swimming in a cajun cream sauce studded with Andouille sausage and spiced with peppers. Differently delicious.

LES FAUX BOURGEOIS | Prepped simply in the marinieres style with white wine, plenty of garlic, and lots of fresh parsley, this option is for the purists who really like the flavour of the mussel to shine through.

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