New Photo Book “This Is Nowhere” Details BC’s Rugged Awesomeness


by Michelle Sproule | Jeremy Koreski is calm, kind and grounded. You can just tell by looking at him that he understands the power of the ocean. Born and raised in Tofino, Jeremy has spent the last 15 years working as an outdoor sports and adventure photographer. He has a profound respect for nature. Even if you don’t make that call the moment you meet him, it’s undeniable as soon as you see his work. Jeremy is constantly travelling and doing so many magazine shoots that it’s hard to keep track, but this year he took a bit of time out to finish a personal project.

This is Nowhere is a sweet, clothbound hardcover with 144 pages and over 100 of what Jeremy considers to be his best photographs. Think wild ocean, rugged coastlines, and deep forest; not only do the photos beautifully capture the spirit of BC, but they also speak to the importance of conservation. As Jeremy explains: “The concept for This is Nowhere is actually the inverse of what the title might suggest. Places like the BC coast — remote, lightly populated and mostly roadless – have often been treated as ‘nowhere’ areas that don’t have much value beyond the resources can be taken out of them. But in reality, this is a place that’s full of life, has an amazing culture and history, and is absolutely priceless to protect. For myself, my family and many others here, this place is everything. So to me, this book is about deconstructing the idea of nowhere and demonstrating that places like this have a value that goes far beyond money.”

Hit the Patagonia store on 4th Ave. tonight (Oct. 29, 7-10pm) for the Vancouver release. Jeremy will be at the store signing books and we think everyone should pick up a copy.

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