Three Chefs Join Forces For Special Autumn Feast At Gastown’s Nicli’s Next Door


The GOODS from Nicli’s Next Door

Vancouver, BC | Head Chef Josh Gale of Nicli’s Next Door, Chef Juno Kim, and Chef Sean MacDonald come together to bring you ‘Friends Next Door: An Autumn Dinner’. Join us for dinner on November 10th as these vibrant chefs fuse their philosophies in celebration of autumn. Each course will showcase a local seasonal ingredient, elevating it in a refined dish with multiple elements and textures.

November 10th, 2015 | 7:00pm | Purveyors: 33 Acres Brewing + North Arm Farms


Scallop, Apple Textures, Burnt Cream
Chef Josh Gale

Potato, Duck fat, Parmigiano Reggiano
Chef Juno Kim

Rabbit, Beet, Pistachio
Chef Sean MacDonald

Brussels Sprouts, Pork Shoulder, Kombu
Chef Juno Kim

33 Acres of Darkness Braised Brisket, Pumpkin, Mustard
Chef Josh Gale

Buttermilk, Burnt Carrot Ice Cream, White Chocolate
Chef Sean MacDonald


This dinner reflects Nicli’s Next Door’s values of taking humble ingredients and creating dishes full of depth. In this bountiful atmosphere, the chefs are set to impress with each plate. Enjoy a 6-course meal for $65 or paired with beverages for $85. For more information and to purchase tickets here.



68 East Cordova St. | Vancouver, BC | V6A 1K2
Telephone: 604.669.6985
Web: | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram


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The People Who Make It Happen


Owner: Bill McCaig
Chef: Josh Gale



Nicli’s Next Door literally sits right next door to Nicli Antica Pizzeria. While Nicli Antica Pizzeria focuses strictly on pizza, the second establishment from owner Bill McCaig, opened in summer 2014, set out to celebrate more traditional Italian fare.

Chef Josh Gale’s focus on high-quality ingredients and beautifully presented dishes come together to create an authentically Italian experience. The menu offers a variety of small plates which encourage sharing while fresh, house-made pasta dishes promise to satiate any appetite.

In addition to dinner service, neighbours and friends are welcome to gather for lunch or stop by for a beverage and small bite prior to a night on the town. Prohibition era cocktails as well as modern classics complement a curated wine list which simplifies decision making with options divided by mood — are you easygoing or more daring tonight?

With the hues of red brick and wood tables, the inviting warmth of the restaurant entices you to get comfortable and stay awhile.



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