On The Left’s Future And Dreaming Out Loud Of Clark Replacing Harper

by Sean Orr | Ready to get your day ruined? Christy Clark mentioned to replace Harper as Conservative leader. Well, she does have all the hallmarks of a Conservative politician. She has since rejected this idea and plans on using her populist smarm to cozy up to Justin Trudeau.

We stopped Harper. Next up, it’s time to triple-delete Christy Clark: B.C. Premier’s open government promise a complete, utter sham. Sorry Globe & Mail, but I just can’t take anything you say seriously anymore.

Victory of the day: B.C. court rules homeless have right to camp on public property after Abbotsford tries to shut down camp. I heard the trial was in-tents…

Heroes of the day: Ahousaht first on scene of deadly whale boat accident.

Elsewhere in Canada: Eight Quebec police officers suspended in wake of alleged sexual assaults on Aboriginal women. Shame.

More post-election autopsy: Trudeau “filled a vacuum” with “saccharine bromides” and we need to hold him accountable. With Stephen Harper making the election a contest over Canadian values, it played right into Justin Trudeau’s hands and “neither Tom Mulcair nor Stephen Harper could hold a candle to the crown prince of Canada’s philosopher kings…”

It was an “existential defeat” for Mulcair, whose push to the centre backfired, leaving doubts for the future of the left in Canada.

So far, however, Trudeau seems to be living up to the image of inclusivity and transparency. And he has O’Leary already spouting hyperbole against him, so that’s a good thing.

But objectifying him isn’t a good thing. Or is it? I don’t know. I’m excited to read this, though: “Canada’s sexy new Prime Minister Dustin Waterhole has swept to power – but what’s going on in the back offices?”

More important than the NDP losing is why the Jays lost. It turns out it’s because God Hates Canada.

Daily VICE: SUB.Culture – British Columbia. The no-fun nickname didn’t come from a lack of cool stuff going on but rather the struggle to maintain independent venue spaces in the midst of intense liquor licensing, by-law enforcement, and noise complaints from encroaching condo developments.

Gastown of the day: Gastown artisan candle lampooned.

Sports of the day: former Canucks defenseman Willie Mitchell offers to sponsor Vancouver Island teen ‘muzzled’ by soccer team. Speak softly and carry a big stick!

Quote of the day care of this story about a sea arch in Nova Scotia: “I looked out the window this morning and I had to look twice,” said Harold Nesbitt […] “I went, ‘Where’s the hole?”‘ Me too, Harold. Me too.

Bonus: your horoscope, redacted.

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