Vancouver Would Be Cooler If A Swedish Beer Garden Opened On False Creek


(via) How awesome would it be to have a few of these dotting the False Creek seawall? We realise that there are plenty of beer halls already concentrated in Olympic Village, but none are as serenely good looking as Sweden’s Ölbryggan, which features 17 different beers on tap from 15 Swedish microbreweries. Designed by local firm Form Us With Love, it is located waterside in an old naval complex in the center of the Stockholm archipelago. The same complex also houses a fantastic museum dedicated to alcohol (further proof that Stockholm has its shit together).

Olbryggan-beer-garden-by-Form-Us-With-Love-Stockholm-Sweden-04 Olbryggan-beer-garden-by-Form-Us-With-Love-Stockholm-Sweden-05 Olbryggan-beer-garden-by-Form-Us-With-Love-Stockholm-Sweden-02 Olbryggan-beer-garden-by-Form-Us-With-Love-Stockholm-Sweden-03


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