The Bottomless, Magic Bowl Of Golden Brown French Fries At The Alibi Room


by Ken Tsui | At the eternally bustling Alibi Room, the staff find very little time to sit together for staff meal. However, there is a special place between the room’s bar and the kitchen pass where they can return to, time and time again throughout their shifts.

It’s a corner of the restaurant that’s hidden from the public and home to a bottomless plate of golden brown french fries. In the midst of the rush, staff swoop into this obscured spot for handfuls of fries, quick work-related exchanges, and rare moments of contemplative solace before diving back to work.

Everyone has their own preferences, but the most popular DIY staff dipping sauce was created by Perrin Grauer, who once upon a time mixed a small cup of hot sauce with mustard. It definitely wakes you up.

Regardless of how they eat the fries, the one thing the staff can count on is that the plate is always full. It’s also where they can find each other in the whirlwind, even if it’s just for a fleeting moment. Who needs a water cooler?

  • Straight from the fryer
  • The kitchen staff salt the fries
  • Staff share the fries
  • Perrin makes his sauce
  • Mixing the sauce
  • The fry oasis
  • Staff meal is ready
  • Filling up on fries
  • Taylor shares a laugh
  • Staff jump in to the fries
  • Perrin takes a moment
  • Staff takes a fry


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