The Social Yoga Sets Alternative Line Up Of Yoga Class Experiences For Fall Nights


The GOODS from Social Yoga

Vancouver, BC | The Social Yoga has just launched their lineup for October. See what they’re serving up and book yourself in for an alternative to a typical yoga class experience:


Wednesday nights | 7PM-9PM | Tin Can Studio (parked at Pandora Park)

Set your intentions and learn to find space when you’re feeling stuck. This series will give you a 101 on meditation and deepen the practice of those who already meditate. In typical Social Yoga fashion, things are kept light hearted and conversational to make it 0% intimidating. After all, we can’t take ourselves too seriously if we’re meditating in a vintage streamline trailer! After the meditation, the gals at Tin Can Studio will lead the group through a meditative craft. Each class builds on top of the other and each person can take home their craft at the end of the series. Register here.


Thursday nights | 7-9PM | The Juice Truck Storefront

Learn to fly at The Juice Truck next month. This series will be focused on learning the tools to get into intermediate postures like arm balances. With that said, beginners are 100% welcome! Think: Signature Social Yoga class vibes – just a little sweatier and set to throwback tunes (because it’s #TBT after all). Register here.


We are a nomadic studio. Breweries, cafes, and galleries are some examples of places we call home. It’s easy to find peace and calm when you’re in the studio-  where’s the zen when you’re in a line for a growler fill on a Friday night? We believe wherever you go, there you are.  And sometimes, it’s better to go where the food is good and the view is fresh.

Check in with our social media feeds to see what we are planning next.

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The People

Anita Cheung, Owner

About Social Yoga


Social Yoga was launched at the end of 2014 as an alternative take on a yoga class experience. In a city full of fitness aficionados, we’re taking on yoga in a different way. We aren’t your everyday yoga class. Literally. Classes are organized by the series- meeting once a week for four weeks. This is yoga for the person who isn’t just a “yogi”- we all have lives and other interests too.

Everyone knows, bigger isn’t better. You aren’t just another member number with us. Class sizes are small, intimate, and conversational which means you get to ask questions and call the shots by deciding what it is you want to get out of the experience.

We bring Yoga down to earth and use it as a way to connect people with cool spaces, other cool people, and most importantly, to connect people to themselves. We call it ‘Therapy that Makes you Sweat”.

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