Bartenders At Chinatown’s “Keefer Bar” Step Up Into New Management Positions


The GOODS from The Keefer Bar

Vancouver, BC | Since July, after more than five years of successfully quenching the thirst of countless imbibers, The Keefer Bar has been implementing changes to its management team.

The award-winning team and unique apothecary-based beverage concept was originally developed and led by Danielle Tatarin, who now moves to oversee operations from afar. Tatarin has stepped back from The Keefer Bar to dive into Mexican culture and the opening operations of Acre Restaurant & Cocktail Bar with owner Cameron Watt in San Jose del Cabo, BCS, Mexico.

The general management of the Keefer Bar is now entrusted to Keenan Hood. Hood has been part of The Keefer family since its opening in 2010 and is confident in his ability to lead the team and manage the day to day of the business. Gez McAlpine has taken on the role of Bar Manager, passed on to him by Keenan Hood. Both Keenan and Gez will lead the team and work with Danielle to ensure that the program will continue to be recognized by guests as one of Vancouver’s hidden gems with a progressive cocktail program and outstanding hospitality. Their goal is to continue to be ranked as one of the top drinking destinations in the world.

The changes to the management team at The Keefer Bar will mean you might see some new faces behind the bar at The Keefer. Make the trip to Vancouver’s Chinatown to imbibe with one of Canada’s most dynamic bar teams as they continue to evolve or, if you are in need of a much deserved vacation, make plans to come and visit Danielle & Cameron at our new property in San Jose del Cabo this fall!



135 Keefer St, Vancouver, BC
Telephone: 604-688-1961
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The People


General Manager: Keenan Hood
Bar Manager: Gez McAlpine
Assistant Manager: Autumn Hong

About The Keefer Bar


The Keefer Bar is a place where you can come to escape the rush and unwind in a unique atmosphere where cocktails, food and music are in harmony. The intricately designed cocktail program focuses on Apothecary style drinks created to soothe ailments and balance one’s mood. Ingredients for the Asian influenced small plated food and specially crafted drinks are sourced from local Chinatown markets and herbalists. Award winning bartender Keenan Hood and Gez McAlpine work with their team to develop the exceptional atmosphere and unique house made tinctures, bitters, syrups and teas to incorporate into the pre-prohibition influenced drinks.

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