Chef Annabelle Choi To Take Over Mount Pleasant’s “Dock Lunch” For 3 Weeks


Elizabeth Bryan does just about everything in her small 16 seat Mount Pleasant restaurant, Dock Lunch. She welcomes, cooks, serves, and cleans up. It’s a lot to do, but the result is a connected, personal, and altogether casual experience that feels more like you’ve been visiting a friend in her own home than sitting down for a meal in a restaurant.

As you can well imagine, a job like that can leave a girl needing a vacation. This month, while Elizabeth takes a bit of a break, she is leaving local chef and all-around good person Annabelle Choi in her stead. We couldn’t think of a better fit for a Dock Lunch takeover. Like Elizabeth and the regular Dock Lunch crew, Choi plates honest, simple food and, similar to the regular team, she has an infectious levity and a sense of humour that immediately puts those around her at ease.

With a pedigree that includes stints at San Francisco bakeries Craftsman & Wolves and Tartine (not to mention numerous pop-ups and special events around town), Choi is experienced, versatile, and playful. And we love the hell out of the idea that this month-long takeover will – fingers crossed – inch her closer to claiming a kitchen of her own.

Choi is running the show at Dock Lunch from August 16th through to September 9th, serving lunches from 11am to 3pm with a Korean touch. Think fresh, whole food and plant-based fare, as well as a selection of baked goods and coffee. Also, keep an eye out for a few special dinners and a bread making workshop.

  • Subtle signage painted on a window at Dock Lunch
  • EdiblePlants
  • achoidocklunch05
  • Bright and inviting interior of Dock Lunch
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  • achoiDockLunch03
  • Elizabeth Bryan, one woman show at Dock Lunch
  • Books everywhere | Dock Lunch
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  • achoiDockLunch01
  • Charming and comfortable |  Dock Lunch off of Main Street
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  • EdibleFlowers
  • Interior shot of Dock Lunch, a mix of nooks and communal tables with just enough clutter to make it feel homey.
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  • ACHOI_businesscard2
  • Elizabeth from Dock Lunch, chatting with a customer

Dock Lunch | 152 East 11th Ave (off Main) | 11am-3pm | Tuesdays – Sundays


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