On Beer Bellied Yogis, Stache Wax, And Building A Winery In Your Tiny Apartment

by Treve Ring | Stanley Park Brewing has co-launched a limited edition beer with Lululemon called Curiosity Lager. But what will Chip say about beer bellied people wearing yoga pants? The canned beer will be available in 400 stores across BC & AB this summer.

I’ll toast to that. Scientists at Reading University report that a regular dose of Champagne can help in the fight against Alzheimer’s and dementia. Their study equates to three glasses of Champagne per week for maximum benefits. So according to my math, I will forget absolutely nothing until 2088.

Multitasker AND thirsty? You’re in luck! Replace your teeth with implants that double as bottle openers.

Bonus points if you are chugging Suntory’s new Precious Beer, infused with collagen. The premise: you can get drunk, and lose the wrinkles at the same time. Bye bye beer goggles.

Your holy shit moment of the day courtesy of the fact that China now has more vineyard land than France.

Truth in advertising? A San Diego man sued MillerCoors (the 2nd largest brewer in the world) for pretending Blue Moon is a “craft beer”. I suppose their first marketing strategy, “millions of gallons of faceless, nameless, tasteless beer” wasn’t approved.

Calling all beer geek nudists. There is now a nude beer festival just for you.

First the bungy, then the zorb, and now this. New Zealand just worked out how to run your car on beer. #BurpBeep.

Drinking booze is so 2014. In London you can partake in Alcoholic Architecture, immersing yourself in a highly humid cloud of alcohol, with the boozy vapour entering your bloodstream through lungs and eyeballs rather than liver.

How drunk are you? There’s an app for that (though Siri gives some pretty memorable responses herself). Drunk Mode promises to stop you from making drunken texts and calls, track your movements so you can remember the night before and help your friends find you down in an emergency.

What to give the well groomed, whisky-savvy hipster male in your life? Johnnie Walker whisky paired moustache waxes, natch.

Flying the (really) friendly skies: Alaska Air is testing commercial airplane flight using renewable alcohol as jet fuel.

You think your real estate is expensive? This dude just put an entire winery in his 500sq ft NYC apartment. AND he has a winery dog.


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