Best Places In Vancouver To Score Outstanding Sausages For BYO Summer BBQs

by Nicole Arnett | It’s BYO BBQ season, and this weekend you’ll need something fast and delicious that you can eat with just a fork if you have to. But where to go? Our Top Five Vancouver sausage-getting joints are list below for your ranking consideration…

Harkness Butchers | Whether you’re on the hunt for a ‘not too fatty’ pork shoulder, a hard to find rouladen, or just a good old stick of pepperoni, Harkness has you covered. Sausage selection differs depending on the day so check their (very funny) Facebook page for the latest. Blueberry/Maple and Lamb/Mint are recent stand outs.

Oyama Sausages | | Oyama on Granville Island is at or near the top of any sausage list. Their selection is endless and everyone has their favourite. For my money, the Japanese chicken is the perfect default. Bring two dozen and make a whole new group of friends at your next cookout.

Cioffi’s | | Show your friends you love them by driving out to this Burnaby butcher/deli paradise. You can be as extravagant as you like with tomahawks steaks, suckling pigs and filet mignon, but sometimes you just want a grilled dog and mustard on a wonder bread bun. No problem. Mangia Bene!

Save On | This DTES legend serves up some of the most delicious deals in town. Sausages are an essential purchase if you’re in charge of shopping for the whole group. Call ahead to see what’s in the case. Apple/Sage & Mild Italian are our top picks.

The British Butcher Shoppe | | Affectionately named ‘Beyond Bangers’ in our house, this North Vancouver shop does the Queen proud with over 15 varieties of UK sausages including Steak + Guinness & Lincolnshire (possibly the only one we know of with it’s own festival). Break out the Grey Poupon!

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