Walter TV’s Pierce McGarry Selects His Three Favourite Albums


by Grady Mitchell | Definitive Records asks interesting folks to pick the three albums that anchor their musical tastes. Today we hear from Pierce McGarry. His band, Walter TV, has a new album called Blessed out June 23.

Aphex Twin – Selected Ambient Works 85-92 | LISTEN | “Great for all moods and situations. If I put this on and there’s someone around me that maybe I don’t know very well, who gets excited and goes ‘oh, fuck ya!’ I’ll smile to myself, because deep in my soul I know I’ve just made a new good friend.”

Sarah McLachlan – Surfacing | LISTEN | “Shredding players, great tunes, personal yet universal lyrics, the voice of an angel? Make me a witness!”

Bob Marley – Unnamed box set of early recordings | LISTEN“These were my only 3 CD’s I had in my van forever, not because I was too lazy or poor to get more, but because they were all I needed! I’d put this on and drive around LA watching people get stressed out about the traffic and parking while I’d be chillin and groovin! Thanks B!”


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