LaStella Winery Takes Delivery Of Their “Intensivo” Organic Olive Oil From Sicily


The GOODS from LaStella

Osoyoos, BC | LaStella Winery has just received their shipment of olive oil called ‘Intensivo’ from a biodynamic farm in Sicily, Italy care of fine food merchant Casa Gusta. ‘Intensivo’ is a regal olive oil with great depth and power. The equivalent to the winery’s flagship wine: Maestoso “solo” Merlot.

What started as a personal project to source outstanding oils and vinegars for their own personal consumption soon became a side venture for the winery. The more friends tried their individually sourced oils and vinegars, the more demand was created for them. LaStella and Casa Gusta partnered in 2010 to collaborate and source small batches of specialty olive oil and vinegars, for sale to patrons of the winery.

“Each year we receive dozens of samples from growers in Italy that adhere to the same philosophies and exacting standards”, says Rasoul Salehi, managing partner of LaStella Winery. “After sampling our way through the offerings, we select a particular batch or put together our own blend to achieve an oil of unprecedented complexity and intensity.”

The olives for this vintage come from an ancient olive grove in Sicily. There were multiple dates for harvesting in October of 2014. Various picking stages give the oil different but complimentary qualities that provide balance and harmony. The olives were individually hand picked, directly pressed by mechanical extraction and cold pressed and bottled under argon gas to protect against oxidation. No compromises are made and the result is a fresh, full-bodied olive oil with an intense and complex bouquet hinting at artichoke, fresh cut grass, tomato stems and abundant notes of peppercorn.

Although there has been a global shortage of olives appropriate for making extra virgin olive oils, the strong relationship and like-minded philosophy between the winery and their Italian sources helped in making this small production of olive oil possible.

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The People That Make It Happen


Viticulturist and Winemaker: Severine Pinte
Vineyard Manager: Jody Subotin
General Manager: Rasoul Salehi

About LaStella

LaStella was created to capture our vision of la dolce vita: fine food, wonderful wine, great music, and the good things in life. At LaStella, we celebrate the sun that ripens our grapes and brings warmth to our life, and we share that with everyone who visits us.

LaStella is situated at Osoyoos Lake in the sunny South Okanagan valley of beautiful British Columbia. Here our vineyards produce great fruit and we craft them into such proprietary wines as Allegretto, Vivace and Maestoso. Each wine has its own story — and to convey this unique story we name our wines after Italian musical motifs.

LaStella has assembled an all-star cast to lead the production of BC’s best wines. Head winemaker and viticulturist Severine Pinte, Vineyard Manager Jody Subotin and General Manager Rasoul Salehi work tirelessly to deliver award winning wines vintage after vintage.

Please visit the winery when you visit the Okanagan and join our email newsletter for the latest news from wine country. Visit us online at on Facebook at and twitter at

The History

LaStella was created to be the embodiment of the Tuscan way of life. For us, we are making more than wine. We are making our own fun. We are making something different yet reassuringly familiar.

LaStella is situated at Osoyoos Lake in the South Okanagan valley of beautiful British Columbia. The winery opened its doors in May 2007 with its first vintage of 2006. This included Vivace Pinot Grigio, Lastellina Rosato, Allegretto Merlot (Pie Franco) and the very low yield, highly complex Maestoso Merlot.

In 2008, 4 clones of Brunello (Sangiovese Grosso) have come to production. Soon the super Tuscan expression from the Okanagan will come to life.

In the Vineyard


Fortunately for us (and you), the Okanagan valley happens to be one of the best wine regions with its unique climate and variety of latitudes and soils. There is a perceptible difference in temperature and greenery, from the lushness of the north to the sage ridden desert in the south.

According to WineBC, the area between Oliver and Osoyoos is the northernmost tip of the northern most desert in the world; Sonora Desert. Summers are generally very hot with July and August being warmer than Napa Valley, but the evenings are markedly cooler. Osoyoos has 1450 growing degree days and 8 inches of average annual rainfall ( Low rainfall, high heat units and a dry environment allow us to farm in a sustainable manner with all the respect the land deserves.

In the vineyards we do a blend of organic and biodynamic practices, which we call ‘non-interventionism’. Along with our sister winery; Le Vieux Pin, we have around 50 acres of small parcel, prime vineyards in Oliver’s Golden Mile and Black Sage Bench as well as vineyards at Osoyoos lake. We have very distinct soil composition in our vineyards that result in very unique and distinctive wines. We also contract grapes from quality minded growers who grow organically and sustainably. We practice low input viticulture and employ dry farming. As a result our yields are very low and help concentrate the flavours and complexities in the fruit. Our average yield is 2 tons per acre and for some of our wines as low as 1 ton per acre, compared to the widely accepted 4-8 tons per acre yields used with quantity focused producers.

In addition to the above, the underpinning of our success is passion, friendship, dedication and commitment to excellence.

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