On Transit Cop Asshats & Building A Bonfire For Vancouver’s Vanities


by Sean Orr | John Baird, Christian Paradis, Shelly Glover, Patrick Brown, Diane Ablonczy and now Peter MacKay – The Parachute Club: Peter MacKay cites ‘love for my family’ as he bows out of federal politics. At least he can look back on a long list of accomplishments…or perhaps not. “Senior ministers and MPs told CBC News on Friday that MacKay caught them off-guard…” Further proof that Bart Harper is becoming isolated and weird.

Get on board the shame train: We Must Start “Shaming” Those Who Destroy Our Climate. There are people who will say that shaming just entrenches an opponent’s convictions more deeply, thus perpetuating a cycle of hate. Shame on those people.

New Citizenship Act allowing revocation of Canadian citizenship takes effect. Because nothing could possibly go wrong. Just ask Maher Arar.

“This isn’t the United States – yet”: RCMP Officer to C-51 Protester: “You Could be Branded a Terrorist”.

Vancouver: not mind-numbingly boring, but vacuously vain. “Vancouver has the double affliction of a deeply embedded lack of self-esteem and an overdose of self-obsession”. I totally agree, but it should be remembered that we were incredibly vain long before the Chinese money started rolling in.

Related: British Columbians Support Implementing an Absentee Homeowner Tax.

When all you know is how to use is a hammer, everything is a nail: Window Seat: Transit cops flex their muscles with senior. I am the gun in the darkness. I am the watcher on the transit. I am the shield that guards the $2.75. I pledge my life and honor to the TransLink, for this night and all the nights to come.” – The Transit Police oath. (thanks to Alex Smith for that one)

Winter is coming: Two Transit Police officers guilty of assaulting 29-year-old man in Vancouver.

Related: Looks like a panhandler, actually a cop.

Bonus: Drum Excellent With One Another: An Interview with Rufus Drum Shop

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