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The GOODS from Granville Island

Vancouver, BC | Ask anyone who’s visited the Public Market on Granville Island and they’re sure to tell you that every time you go, you’re bound to discover something you’ve never seen, never heard of, or better yet, never tried before. Whether it’s seasonal produce, a house-made sausage, or that mole sauce all the way from Mexico, the Public Market is an urban haven for unique finds. Just spend a day there and you’re sure to find some hard-to-find, one-of-a-kind items.

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Although you can find an array of fresh salads at vendors throughout the market, what’s really surprising is a freshly made, ready-to-eat salad at Longliner Seafoods. Greek-style and delicious, next time you’re there, try their octopus salad for a more unique and exotic side pairing to any meal.

For charcuterie lovers, you’re bound to find something unique every time you visit Oyama Sausage Co., where everything’s made-in-house. What stood out was the selection of prosciutto including the Canadian wild boar that’s aged for a year. Also available, lamb and duck prosciutto, which are hugely popular. Other meats that are a must-try include the bison bresaola and kazu coppa, cured with Granville Island sake. For something unique and interesting to sip on, visit Granville Island Tea Company.

Expert tea lover Andrea has a lot of favourites but the highlight for her is a black tea smoked over pine leaves from China called Lapsang Souchong. The same brew the Queen of England happens to enjoy every day.

Over at South China Seas Trading Co., they carry some hard-to-find ingredients including black garlic that’s becoming increasingly sought-after and used in high-end cuisine, which took our search over to the produce aisles.

Sole Foods, one of the market’s newest vendors has been treating shoppers with local and organic produce grown in what’s called one of North America’s largest urban farms.

Offering interesting finds year-round, baby turnips and French breakfast radish are the local favourites at the moment with more exotic finds brought in like fiddleheads.

And over at Granville Island Produce, it’s hard-to-reach tropical fruits from Southwest Asia including rambutan and cherimoya from Vietnam and mangosteen from Thailand that are delicious on their own or as part of a meal.

The more you venture the Public Market, the more exclusive items you can find. House-made truffle butter from Duso’s, asiago saffron and garlic vinaigrette from The Stock Market, golden lime from South China Seas, and the list goes on. So, pay a visit to the Public Market and venture a bit further, not only will you discover something you’ve never tried before but also a new ingredient to enhance your culinary arsenal.


Granville Island Public Market
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 About Granville Island


Granville Island is an urban haven spilling over with fine restaurants, theatres, galleries and studios, and of course, fresh food. For over 35 years, the Public Market has delighted Vancouverites. Some of the Market’s businesses continue to flourish after 20, 25, and even 35 years on Granville Island. Some of the newer businesses are fast becoming Vancouver traditions in their own right. You’ll find over 50 passionate experts eager to share their knowledge on everything there is to know about their offerings of fresh produce, gourmet foods, baked goods, seafood, and more.

Granville Island’s restaurants are downright tantalizing, ranging from laid-back West Coast to elegantly gourmet. A romantic night out, a café lunch with friends, meeting the gang for patio cocktails at sunset…our places cover the waterfront. Outdoor seating extends out onto old wooden piers, providing an up close view of Vancouver’s scenic water life along with your meal.

Along with the Railspur District with handmade apparel and jewelry, The Net Loft Shops with arts and crafts, local breweries & distilleries, and annual events and festivals into the mix, Granville Island is a destination where locals and visitors come together to be inspired, entertained, or simply to relax in a truly unique atmosphere.

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