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The GOODS from Phoenix Perennials

Richmond, BC | Edible gardening season is well underway and we have a really exciting selection of edible trees, shrubs and vines for your garden and kitchens. Below you’ll find a list of all the cool edibles in stock now at Phoenix. You could grow your own tea, bamboo shoots, goji berries, rose hips, olives, key limes, lemons, and passionfruit!

We also have cool varieties of kiwis, figs, blueberries, currants, gooseberries and much more. And then there are lots of weird fruits from the many corners of the planet that are worth discovering.

We also have lots of interesting edible workshops coming up on edible containers, how to grow tomatoes, herbs for international cooking, growing unusual and subtropical fruit, honeybees, and our perennial favourite Cocktail Gardening with famous bartender David Wolowidnyk from West Restaurant.

We’re really excited to have our edible section stocked with one of the coolest selections of traditional, unusual, and rare edibles that we’ve ever offered guaranteed to provide you with unending gustatory bliss. In addition to a wide range of herbs and veggies here is our great selection of woody and unusual edibles including:

Actinidia arguta – Hardy Kiwi – ‘74/49’, ‘Tatyana’, ‘Rossana’, ‘Hardy Red’, ‘Issai’
Actinidia deliciosa – Fuzzy Kiwi – ‘Saanichton’, ‘Hayward’, ‘Male’
Actinidia kolomikta – Arctic Kiwi – ‘Pasha’
Actinidia polygama – Silver Vine Kiwi – ‘Vera’s Pride’
Armoracia rusticana – Horseradish
Asimina triloba – Paw Paw
Asparagus ‘Mary Washington’, ‘Jersey Giant’, ‘Purple Passion’
Billardiera longiflora – Tasmania Vine
Camellia sinensis – Tea – ‘Korean Tea Seedling’, ‘Sochi Tea Seedling’
Citrus – Key Lime, Thornless Key Lime, Yuzu Ichandrin, Sudachi Ichandrin, Meyer
Lemon, Persian Lime, Australian Finger Lime, Bergamot, Citrumelo
Diospyros — Persimmon — ‘Nikita’s Gift’
Elaeagnus umbellata – Autumn Olive – ‘Ruby’, ‘Amber’
Eutrema japonicum – Wasabi
Feijoa sellowiana ‘Coolidgeii’ – Pineapple Guava
Ficus – Fig – ‘Desert King’, ‘Stella’, ‘Black Spanish’, ‘Petite Negra’, ‘Brown Turkey’, ‘Peter’s Honey’, ‘Black Mission’, ‘Jordan’, ‘Lattarulla’, ‘Texas Everbearing’, ‘Chicago Hardy’
Fragaria – Strawberry – ‘Albion’, ‘Ft Laramie’, ‘Hecker’, ‘Quinault’, ‘Tristar’, Aloha Berry
Hippophae rhamnoides – Sea Buckthorn — ‘Hergo’, ‘Pollmix’
Holboellia coriacea – China Blue Vine
Laurus nobilis – Sweet Bay Leaf – ‘Aurea’, ‘Willow Bay’
Lycium barbarum – Goji Berry – ‘Crimson Star’, ‘Dynamite’, ‘Firecracker’
Malus – Apple – Combination, Espalier Combination, ‘Golden Sentinel’, ‘Scarlet Sentinel’
Morus ‘Illinois Everbearing’ – Mulberry
Olea – Olive – ‘Leccino’, ‘Universal’, ‘Arbequina’
Passiflora incarnata – Maypop
Pernettya mucronata – Chilean Wintergreen – ‘Snowdrop’, ‘Indian Lake’
Persea americana – Avocado – ‘Zutano Seedling’
Punica granatum – Pomegranate – ‘Sochi Dwarf’
Pyrus communis – Pear – Combination
Pyrus pyrifolia – Asian Pear – Combination
Phyllostachus dulcis – Sweet Shoot Bamboo
Ribes nigrum – Black Currant – ‘Black September’, ‘Slitsa’, ‘Consort’, ‘Crandall’
Ribes rubrum – Red Currant – ‘Gloire de Sablons’, ‘Red Jade’, ‘Cherry Red’
Ribes uva-crispa – Gooseberry – ‘Hinnonmaeki Yellow’, ‘Hinnonmaeki Red’, ‘Black Velvet’, ‘Captivator’,
Rheum – Rhubarb – ‘Strawberry Red’
Rosa rugosa – Fruiting Rose — ‘Jubilee’
Rubus – Arctic Raspberry – ‘Anna’, ‘Beta’, ‘Valentina’
Rubus fruticosus – Marionberry — ‘Marion’
Rubus idaeus – Raspberry – ‘Boyne’, ‘Chilcotin’, ‘Fall Gold’, ‘Heritage’, ‘Tulameen’,
‘Willamette’, ‘Raspberry Shortcake’
Rubus loganobaccus – Loganberry
Rubus occidentalis – Black Raspberry — ‘Jewel’
Rubus ursinus – Boysenberry – ‘Boysen’
Sambucus nigra – Elderberry – ‘Emerald Lace’, ‘Korsor’
Ugni molinae – Chilean Guava
Vaccinium corymbosum – Blueberry – ‘Jelly Bean’, ‘Peach Sorbet’, ‘Pink Icing’,
‘Blueberry Glaze’, ‘Bluecrop’, ‘Blueray’, ‘Chandler’, ‘Duke’, ‘Northland’, ‘Patriot’,
‘Northcountry’, ‘Polaris’
Viburnum opulus – Highbush Cranberry – ‘Ukraine’
Zanthoxylum piperitum – Japanese Pepper
Zanthoxylum simulans – Sechuan Pepper

These plants, and others not listed here, are all in stock now waiting for you to make a home for them in your garden and in your kitchen!



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The People


Gary Lewis, Owner

About Phoenix Perennials


Phoenix Perennials is an award-winning, cutting edge retail and mail order plant nursery in Richmond, BC (on the farmland near IKEA) that offers one of the largest and most diverse selections of perennials, shrubs, trees, vines, succulents, and edibles in Canada with over 4000 different plants each year. They grow the majority of their own perennials from plants sourced from around the world including Japan, India, Europe, South Africa, the US, and Canada and bring in their other plants from the region’s best growers.

Whether you have a large garden or a small balcony, whether you are into ornamental gardening or growing your own food, Phoenix Perennials has everything you need to create your own distinctive, beautiful, and productive space.

Their inspiring garden centre on No. 6 Road in Richmond is a plant mecca that draws gardeners from around Greater Vancouver, the province of BC, and beyond.

In addition to specialties in perennials, maples, shade plants, and rare and unusual plants, Phoenix Perennials is proud of their selection of edibles from classic herbs, veggies, and fruits including upwards of 50 different kinds of heirloom and cool modern tomatoes to cutting edge and unusual edibles, citrus, olives, goji berries, BrazelBerries, and grafted veggies like Mighty Matos and ‘Ketchup ‘n’ Fries’ “tomtatoes”.

Phoenix Perennials is also dedicated to continuous learning and hosts numerous workshops each year on subjects such as creative succulent and perennial containers, living walls, cocktail gardening, gardening for teas and infusions, herb and veggie gardening for international culinary capers, gardening with subtropical and unusual fruits and more.

They offer a free Gardening 101 series designed for beginner and intermediate gardeners on topics such as Pruning for Dummies, Foundations of a Healthy Garden, Strategies for Balconies & Small Spaces, Beekeeping, Mastering the Basics of Perennials, Success with Tomatoes, Supporting Pollinators and much more. They also offer a free Young Sprouts Kids Club with workshops that combine horticulture, botany, and arts and crafts to teach kids about the wonderful world of plants.

Not only do they host numerous workshops through the season, they also hold many special events including the Hellebore Hurrah!, The Great Easter Plant Hunt, May Maple Mania, and The Heirloom Tomato Festival complete with tomato fruit displays and tomato tastings.

Phoenix Perennials publishes a twice-monthly e-newsletter with articles about plants, news of sales and special events, and lots of pretty pictures plus occasional alerts on 14 different topics including edibles, shade plants, fragrant plants, hot new plants, and maples and woody plants. You can also engage with them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest (links above).

Phoenix Perennials offers two services of note. Their in-nursery design service can help do-it-yourselfers design and execute the outdoor spaces of their dreams. And their mail order division brings their cool selection of plants within reach of Canadian gardeners from coast to coast to coast.

In 2015 Phoenix Perennials was chosen as one of Today’s Garden Center magazine’s Top 100 Revolutionary Garden Centers in North America. In 2014 Phoenix Perennials owner Gary Lewis was selected as one of Canada’s Top 10 Horticultural Professionals Under 40 by Greenhouse Canada magazine. In 2012 and 2013 Phoenix Perennials won the category of “Growing Gardeners”, part of the Canadian Garden Centre of the Year Awards.



“Gary Lewis is the owner of Phoenix Perennials and Specialty Plants Nursery in Richmond and one of Canada’s most knowledgeable plant experts with a deep and special interest in rare and unusual herbaceous perennials.His cottage-garden nursery on No. 6 Road in Richmond is one of Canada’s top perennial nurseries, carrying more than 4,000 different garden plants. This is perhaps why it is sometimes referred to by the loyal following of gardeners who shop there as a “candy store” of plant treasures.” — Steve Whysall, Vancouver Sun, In the Garden Podcast.

“I should be barred from two places: all-you-can-eat buffets and Phoenix Perennials.” — Julie from Richmond

“You have the most healthy, gorgeous and interesting plants. It’s so different than everywhere else!” — Sandy from White Rock, BC

“Gary Lewis is the king of perennials.” — Jeff DeJong, radio host, Gardening 101, CFAX AM 1070, Victoria, BC

“The premiere nursery of BC!” — Barry Belec, Garden Designer

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