New Buzzworthy Earnest Ice Cream Flavour Set To Support “Hives For Humanity”



Vancouver, BC | For the month of April, Earnest Ice Cream will be scooping Chamomile & Honey ice cream made with local honey from Hives from Humanity, a non-profit organization that encourages community connections through beekeeping. A sweet, spring-inspired flavour, Chamomile & Honey will be available starting April 1st at both Earnest Ice Cream shops. 100% of the profit will be donated back to Hives for Humanity.

Earnest Ice Cream’s Chamomile & Honey flavour was created out of a desire to be involved in the amazing work that Hives for Humanity does. Since 2012, the apiculture non-profit has been transforming empty lots in the Downtown Eastside into thriving pollinator gardens and honey-giving hives that offer neighbourhood residents a chance to get to know the bees. They do mentorship-based programming, which means that people participate in the project in a way that works best for them; alongside experienced beekeepers, community members engage with the hives, from honey harvesting to therapeutic beekeeping, creating wax crafts or simply tending the flowerbeds.

Amber Westgate, Head of Production at Earnest Ice Cream, has been working for months to develop the perfect honey flavour. She started by tasting all of the different honeys that Hives for Humanity produces. Of the tasting process, Amber said, “The honeys are so local that depending on what part of the city they come from, on what flowers people have planted in their garden, on how urban the space is where the hives are—they all taste different.”

The honey that Amber ended up choosing comes exclusively from a beehive on West 2nd Ave, which neighbours Earnest Ice Cream’s Quebec St. Location. Aside from being the most local hive to Earnest Ice Cream, this particular honey is also bright enough to still show off its flavour when added to ice cream.

Earnest Ice Cream crafts decadent, artisan ice cream using natural ingredients. Their emphasis is on local, seasonal, and creative flavors brought to you with as small a carbon footprint as possible. For more information, visit



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The People Who Make It Happen

Co-Owners: Ben Ernst, Erica Bernardi
Production Manager: Laurel Wypkema

About Earnest Ice Cream

Earnest Ice Cream was born from a simple love of ice cream. When we launched in 2012, we knew we had to create ice cream that expresses our passion for flavour while embodying our local and sustainable food values. That’s why, from whiskey hazelnut to strawberry basil, our flavours highlight the best from BC farms. That’s why we are so particular in our testing and meticulous in our process.

Running small batches allows us the flexibility to experiment with foraged ingredients like fresh spruce bud and elderflower. We feature one-off flavours like these alongside classics like salted caramel and mint chip in our Fraser Street scoop shop. The scoop shop also brews espresso and affogatos with locally roasted Matchstick coffee.

We are the first ice cream shop (we know of) to pack pints in returnable and reusable glass jars. Reuse is a part of our overall goal of being a zero waste company. Our jars can be found in independent shops and restaurants around Vancouver.
Our name represents the honesty and conviction we bring to what we do. Being serious makes the whole thing more fun.

Press & Accolades

“The first time I tried Earnest’s salted caramel ice cream at Vancouver’s Harvest Community Foods, it took my breath away. My friend and I each had a spoonful of the rich, creamy treat, savoured its bright, buttery sweetness and stared at each other with wide eyes and jaws agape.” – Alexandra Gill, Globe & Mail

“Earnest Ice Cream whips up tubs of ice cream with local milk, cream, and whole food ingredients for a sweet treat that knocks soft serve’s socks off—think flavours like whiskey with butter salted hazelnut, roasted rhubarb oat crumble, or not-so-plain vanilla.” – Vancouver Magazine

“If you see Erica or Ben at the farmer’s market or on their tricked-out delivery bike, make sure you taste some of the creamiest, most flavourful ices this side of, oh, just about anywhere.” – Edible Vancouver

“….East Vancouver’s own Earnest Ice Cream is the best-branded (and tasting) frozen treat around. Like it reads on the jar: “Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.”” – Susie Wall, The Province

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