Tasting Room At Painted Rock Estate Winery Set For New Season Of Special Events


The GOODS from Painted Rock Estate Winery

Okanagan Falls, BC | A jewel of the Okanagan Valley, our modern tasting room and events facility sits on a picturesque bluff overlooking our estate vineyards and Skaha Lake and offers a view and a line-up of premium wines that are not to be missed when visiting the Okanagan Valley.

See why Painted Rock was named Winery of the Year at the 2014/15 InterVin International Wine Awards by tasting our portfolio of wines including our Rose, Chardonnay, Syrah, Merlot and flagship Red Icon blend.

We are pleased to waive the $10 tasting fee for tour groups visiting Painted Rock. We offer personalized barrel and vineyard tours at $20 per person

Perhaps your guests would like to take in the stunning view from our patio while they enjoy a glass of wine and a Premium Picnic Lunch made with fresh local ingredients from Brodo Kitchen. The lunch boxes feature an artisan sandwich, a piece of Okanagan fruit, a sweet treat (bar or cookie) and a bottle of water, all conveniently packaged at a cost of $20 per person* (reservations for lunch must be made 24 hours in advance).

We will also be serving a daily charcuterie plate with our wines by the glass.

Bring your own picnic and enjoy wines by the glass while you soak up the sun on our picnic grass.
Add things together with our Lunch and Learn Package which includes an educational session, tour, tasting and a picnic lunch featuring local ingredients paired with Painted Rock wine at $80 per person* (reservations for the Lunch & Learn Package must be made 24 hours in advance).

Group dinners can be organized with our event coordinator using one of the fabulous local caterers. Please contact Kirsten Munro at 250 486 5175 or email events@paintedrock.ca.


May 1 – October 31 daily from 11:00am-5:30pm
November 1- April 30 by appointment, please call 250 493 6809



Attending one of our seasonal wine dinners will give you the opportunity to meet Painted Rock’s proprietor John Skinner and find out why he is so passionate in his pursuit of excellence in wine making and his ambitions to put Canada on the world wine map.

THE ART OF PAIRING | May 1-3, 2015
Join us from 11:00am-5:30pm on May 1st to 3rd at Painted Rock’s stunning tasting room as we open for the season. Enjoy tasting each of our wines perfectly paired with gourmet cheese and charcuterie from Oyama Sausage. Learn about the art of pairing food and wine to highlight, enhance and elevate the overall taste experience. This event is complementary.

Joy Road Catering Cuisine du Terroir is paired with the best wines and hospitality the region has to offer as you visit Blue Mountain Vineyard and Cellars, Meyer Family Vineyards and Painted Rock Estate Winery.

This exciting evening begins as the Mavety Family welcomes you to Blue Mountain Vineyard and Cellars for the first course of your culinary adventure served with their famed, Brut NV “Gold Label” Sparkling and Estate Chardonnay. Enjoy the iconic view of McIntyre Bluff as you learn about the history of Blue Mountain Vineyards.

From here, you will be transported to your second dining adventure. You will be whisked away by Top Cat Tours to Meyer Family Vineyards for the successive course with Jak and Janice Meyer featuring the freshest, locally-produced seasonal ingredients available, paired with their Single Vineyard Chardonnay & Pinot Noir.

The finale to the evening is at John Skinner’s ultra-modern tasting room at Painted Rock Estate Winery. Guests will enjoy the final course paired with Painted Rock’s estate grown Syrah & flagship blend the Red Icon, while enjoying the view of Skaha Lake.

Join John Skinner as he teams up with Dana and Cam from Joy Road Catering. Joy Road takes great pride in producing “food of the earth” with the unique flavours imparted to food by a region’s specific climate, soil, weather and growing conditions. A great pairing for Painted Rock’s estate grown, terroir driven wines.
Tickets are $140 per person including gratuity, taxes are additional. BUY TICKETS

This event is exclusively for Wine Club Members
Join the entire Skinner Family for a backyard “farm to table” generational dinner. Guest Chef Chris Van Hooeydonk will be pairing back vintage Painted Rock wines with his extraordinary food. Chris’s approach to sustainable eating is always locally sourced and seasonally inspired. Chris and John are both “creatively inspired and passionately motivated” which will ensure a truly unique, Okanagan wine and culinary experience.
Tickets are $120 per person including gratuity, taxes are additional. BUY TICKETS

Guest Chef Paul Cecconi of Brodo Kitchen joins Painted Rock proprietor John Skinner for a delicious and hardy fall meal. Paul’s food features fresh, locally harvested ingredients, that when combined create a meal that is quintessentially the Okanagan Valley. An evening sure to be delicious.
Tickets are $140 per person including gratuity, taxes are additional. BUY TICKETS

Join guest Chef and Sommelier Mark Filatow of Waterfront Wines for a truly memorable evening of food and wine pairing. Mark uses the bounty of the Okanagan in his stylish seasonal cooking that pairs perfectly alongside Painted Rock wines. Come experience why Mark’s food continues to earn him rave reviews in the emerging Okanagan food scene.
Tickets are $140 per person including gratuity, taxes are additional. BUY TICKETS


Painted Rock Estate Winery Ltd.
400 Smythe Drive, Penticton, BC V2A 8W6
Telephone: Winery 250-493-6809 | Sales 604-765-4538
Web: www.paintedrock.ca | Facebook | Winery Twitter | Proprietor John Skinner Twitter


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John and Patricia Skinner, Proprietors

The son of a Canadian Forces fighter pilot, John was born in 1958 on a Manitoba military base. “I moved 20 times by the time I was 20,” he says. He was working his way through college with a job in a lumber mill when he noted that a friend who had become a stock broker was much more prosperous. So he left university and embarked on a career in the brokerage industry.

John was a stockbroker in Vancouver for more than 25 years, during which time he became an avid wine enthusiast. John and his wife Trish dreamed of having their own vineyard after spending time exploring wineries in the South of France with their family.

In 2004, recognizing that the quality of wines in this region was improving dramatically and driven by both his passion for wine and his desire to create a legacy business for his family, he purchased the land in south Penticton known locally as “The Blackhawk.”

Perched high on a bench on the east side of Skaha Lake south of Penticton, backing up against the famed climbing bluffs. Once an apricot farm, it had been fallow for 17 years. He planted in 2005 and 2006 and now has roughly 25 acres under vine, all of it Bordeaux reds or Syrah except for a block of Chardonnay. On the advice of consultants, he has planted multiple clones of every variety, giving his winemaker good blending options.

John was confident that this terroir and its site influences presented “a unique opportunity to create exceptional wines” and that he had “both the opportunity and the obligation to do this property justice.”

John and Trish’s vision was and remains to grow exceptional grapes in their estate vineyard to produce ultra-premium wines that reflect the perfect marriage of new world fruit and old world processes, employing the best modern technologies and expertise, while respecting old world traditions.

Most satisfying of all is that the whole family is involved. Trish handles the entire back office of this fast growing enterprise; daughter Lauren just received her MBA in Bordeaux with a focus on luxury brand management, food, and wine; and son Riley just spent the summer working for the winery in Vancouver while finishing his degree at UVIC.

Alain Sutre, Bordeaux Consultant | BIO
Barry Green, Vineyard Manager | BIO
Gabe Reis, Cellar Master | BIO



Painted Rock offers exceptional wines for a world audience. Envisioned as a family-run estate winery, Painted Rock draws its inspiration from proprietor’s John and Trish Skinner. The Skinner’s philosophy is rooted in the simple idea that wine should be made for friends and family to enjoy. With a dedication to quality and a respect for the terroir, Painted Rock ensures that each grape is of superior quality, proving that the best wines are made in the vineyard.

Painted Rock embraces the traditions of the old world and the imagination of the new world. Set in the Okanagan Wine Country of British Columbia, Canada, Painted Rock has arrived at an opportune moment in time. The Skinner’s knew that the Okanagan was starting to gain international interest, and they recognized it’s potential to produce serious wines. The Okanagan’s combination of hot, dry summers, cool mountain air, and unique microclimates makes this a spectacular place to produce wine.

“There is something magical happening on our site. Everything comes together in that perfect way.” Proprietor John Skinner.

Painted Rock sits on a spectacular bench overlooking the eastern shore of Skaha Lake in Penticton, B.C. This 60-acre property has a unique microclimate that is particularly suited to the production of premium wines. Since the early 1900’s, this orchard harvested apricots until the orchard was felled due to a gypsy moth infestation in the late 1980’s. The property, known locally as “The Blackhawk”, laid fallow while under the ownership of another winery until John Skinner and his family acquired and contoured it in 2004, and then began planting in 2005. This family-owned estate winery aspires toward a single vision of excellence that maintains the integrity of the wine and never homogenizes the brand.

When the Skinner’s and their team first began assessing the property, they noticed the unique air movement on the site. Because the land lay fallow for 17 years before being acquired by Painted Rock, they were able to contour the entire property, promoting the air movement and ensuring that there were no undulations in the landscape or inconsistencies in the soil. To fully exploit the site’s potential, the Skinner’s brought in renowned viticulturalists and wine consultants from California and France who helped devise the 2004 planting strategy. Recognizing the success of Bordeaux varietals, they prepared the soil for the finest vinifera from Bordeaux. Along with the primary red components of the classic Bordeaux blends, they included a small planting of Malbec and Petite Verdot to provide spice for their blend and to broaden their blending options. They also planted a single block of Chardonnay.

The primary influence on the Painted Rock grapes is the cool air that flows down from the mountains. This wind ensures that nothing sits still, creating an active site that reduces rot and infestation in the vineyard. The cool mountain air then collides with the lake, making for warm days and cool nights, a perfect recipe for ripening grapes and retaining bright acidity. The amphitheatre of rock cushions the land, creating another formidable site influence that encourages heat retention. With the sun bouncing off the lake, Painted Rock reaps the benefits of being on a sloped hill so close to the lake. When the sun goes down in the West, the reflection and glare from the lake impacts the fruit, especially the Malbec and Petite Verdot varietals that gain complexity and colour from the magnified light. This reinforces the saying that great wines are produced near great waters. With more sunlight hours than neighbouring wineries, Painted Rock is literally drenched in light.

“What distinguishes Painted Rock from other wineries is as simple as the dirt. The estate property where the wines are grown is unparalleled. We have the right combination of the lake, the elevation and the rock bluffs, as well as the quality of the soil.” Lauren Skinner.

Young wineries, like Painted Rock, are also challenging the industry to change their environmental practices without compromising the quality of the wines. With a strong message of sustainability and a primary focus on quality, Painted Rock is set to become a leader in the industry. Their initiatives include crafting their bottles from a light eco glass that has reduced their shipping weight by more than 20%. They are also looking to biodynamic agriculture to understand new ways that they can minimize their carbon footprint when harvesting grapes and producing wines. Painted Rock is also exploring initiatives like geothermal energy, wind power, and solar heating as they plan on building a sustainable resort development.

“Painted Rock is a stunning vineyard with major potential.” Anthony Gismondi

Great wines reflect the quality of the land, the climate and the people that bring everything to fruition. Working with some of the world’s top winemakers, Painted Rock is quickly achieving a cult status within B.C.’s wine community. It is through collaboration that Painted Rock is stepping out from the crowds. Working with a diverse and skilled team, Painted Rock encourages each individual involved to add their own experience to the collective. The Okanagan has been producing good wines, and now there is an opportunity to produce great wines. Painted Rock is extremely optimistic about the potential for the Okanagan and particularly optimistic about their role in this exciting winemaking community. John and Trish Skinner are not only making wines for their family and friends to enjoy, they are intent on making iconic wines that will be savoured for generations to come.



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