Volunteer For An Awesome Program That Teaches Kids About Local Food

Are you passionate about food and want to help Vancouver children learn about our local food systems? Get hooked up with the great folks at Growing Chefs! Check it out:

We are recruiting volunteers for our 2015 season. For more information or to sign up please contact us at 778-885-1308, send your name and contact information to admin [at] growingchefs.ca, register online at www.growingchefs.ca. Please register before March 8th.

Volunteering Outline

The first Growing Chefs class will be the week of March 30th. From then on, volunteers will visit the same classroom every second week until the end of June. Volunteering time totals approximately 4 hours a month (not including travel time or the initial orientation session). The initial orientation session will take place in February and early March. (Volunteers only have to attend one session)

How it works

• Volunteer chefs and community members are put into teams of three.

• Volunteers will attend an Orientation Session, where they learn basic classroom management skills and review the Growing Chefs curriculum.

• Volunteers and their teammates are paired with an elementary school classroom.

• Volunteers visit their class every two weeks over the course of three and a half months, for a total of seven visits.

• Volunteers mentor the students and help them grow their own indoor vegetable gardens, they also lead the class through a series of lessons.

• The lessons are clearly laid out and outlined in the Growing Chefs Classroom Guide that volunteers receive at the Orientation Session.

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