On The Doomed Ideas Of Rich Kids And Getting Duped Out Of A Subway


by Sean Orr | Manufacturing consent: The tyranny of the talking point. “Public relations professionals outnumber journalists more than four to one in this country – and for good reason…”

Chris Brown denied entry to Canada before Toronto, Montreal shows. I don’t understand all the people celebrating this. Would they cheer derisively if Sean Penn or Charlie Sheen were denied entry to Canada?

The Canadian Man Who Commands a Cult with His Gaze. And no, it’s not Stephen Harper.

Wherein gabillionaire Chip Wilson’s kid foists upon us another ridiculous cliche: Indoor cycling cranks up the tunes, dims the lights for an intense ride (with video). Best comment: “90% of what’s wrong with Vancouver is found in this one terrible video…”

Toronto’s hottest new indie act is Mystery Tunnel: Mystery tunnel found near Pan Am Games venue. Maybe they were bringing in humanitarian supplies to Gaza? Best related tweet:

Speaking of subways not getting done: Gordon Clark: It’s not surprising half of those polled about transit tax plebiscite don’t trust mayors. “How frustrating it must be for our ivory tower overlords that the uncooperative serfs refuse to be brainwashed into giving up the independence, convenience and comfort of motor vehicles for the communistic, cattle-car experience of crowded transit vehicles or bikes…” Yup, there it is. Public transit is communist. Wow. The nerve of Gordon Clark trying to make this a class issue. Of course, if these serfs all decided to drive he’d be complaining about traffic.

Also, as I’ve said 83 times so far, Translink is not on the referendum.

Alas, we’ve been set up: Referendum: The Great Dupe.

A year of the ram miracle: Pet goats get reprieve—for now. Hey does anyone know if Gastown is zoned for goats?

Also in Burnaby: Last call for Mountain Shadow.

Craigslist of the day: Boat Party Need Busty Girls . “This is a motorboat, mingle, hooter shooter kind of thing. and the girls that arent shy make alot of money.” I mean, just the bad grammar and punctuation alone should get this post flagged…

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