On Starving Translink CEOs & Thumbs Down For Throne Speeches


by Sean Orr | The Lottery… Doctor-assisted suicide: Who does the killing? Surely not just anybody! Surely there is some sort of medical professional involved and not just a random volunteer off the street!

The fiasco of bill C-51. Ignore the sophomoric Orwell quote and head to the part where he breaks the law: “The Tibetans should leave off with the Dalai Lama and mount an armed resistance to the Han Chinese occupation of their country. We should all get behind that…”

TransLink CEO Ian Jarvis steps down ‘to restore public confidence’. He’ll stay on as an advisor until June, 2016, and will continue to collect his $35,000 a month, so don’t worry, he won’t go hungry or unemployed or anything…

What are the chances the new CEO will be someone who has actually taken public transit at least once in their life? Slim: Meet Doug Allen, Sage Group. “Doug has an international perspective…” Oh for fuck’s sake!

Related twitter exchange:

A taxing article… Soapbox: Saying ‘No’ to TransLink is the new Canadian way. You’re not saying “no” to Translink at all. In actual fact you are saying “no” to the Council of Mayors. Best comment:

Our upcoming referendum is not about having a train or not having a train. Correct! It’s about having a subway, 3 light rail trains, a seabus, 400 new buses, 25% more bus service region-wide, 11 more B-Line routes for 200km more B-Line service, a new Pattullo bridge, 300km of separated bike lanes, and more HandyDart service for seniors and disabled citizens… or not having all of those things.

Drone from the throne: Smyth: B.C. government deserves a medal for hollow throne speech. “Who could have credibly predicted that oil would lose half of its value in a matter of months?” Um….literally thousands of people. “After all, it takes a talent worthy of a Seinfeld episode script writer to compose a 15-page speech about absolutely nothing. Nothing about health care. Nothing about education…” Fun with Apple F: Go here and try finding the following key words: poverty, welfare, house prices, cost of living, temporary foreign workers, and Pat Quinn.

Sports of the day: Henrik Sedin’s answer to Jamie Benn & Tyler Seguin’s inane comments: another reason the Sedins are hockey gems. To be fair though, if you live in Dallas long enough, you just become that way. Resistance is futile.

Music of the day: The Return of Crystal Pistol! “Rock Star” vs. Canadian Radio! How CFOX kept generations of rock n’ roll off the airwaves.

Honour bound: Missing Women’s Memorial March – February 14th.

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