Nicli’s Next Door On The Hunt For Experienced, Passionate Cooks


The GOODS from Nicli’s Next Door

Vancouver, BC | Nicli’s Next Door is looking for passionate cooks in love with Italian cuisine. Interested candidates should have both production and service experience and be comfortable working in an open kitchen. Please forward your resume to cv [at]


62 East Cordova, Vancouver, BC | V6A 1K2
Telephone: 604-669-6985
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The People


Proprietor: Bill McCaig
General Manager: Melanie Gravel
Chef: David Tozer
Wine Director: Eleanor Smith
Bar Manager: Christopher Allen

About Nicli Antica Pizzeria

Finally open and properly filling the void in Vancouver’s pizza scene is Nicli Antica Pizzeria. Immediately considered the best pizza in Vancouver by many, owner Bill McCaig’s goal is to transport you to Italy in one bite.

Reviews & Accolades


Scout Magazine | Vancouver Sun | Globe & Mail | Metro

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