East Van’s Pallet Coffee Roasters’ Limited Release Holiday Blend Now Available


The GOODS from Pallet Coffee Roasters

Vancouver, BC | We are offering our first Holiday Blend Coffee for limited release. The majority of our offerings are single origin mainly because freshness is a priority, and we achieve this through seasonal offerings. After the positive feedback with our Benchmark espresso, we decided to pursue the same qualities that made that blend so special and apply it to a filter roast. Using the same components as our Benchmark Espresso, we re-roasted the same coffees and re-blended them to create a sweet and lasting roast for any filter brew. We look forward to sharing this Holiday Blend with you. Get all the details here.



323 Semlin Drive off East Hastings St. | Vancouver, BC | V5L4H9
Telephone: 604.255.2014
Web: www.palletcoffeeroasters.com | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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The Key People


Shane D., Operations Man.
Sharif S., Roaster & QA

Mentions & Excerpts


Sprudge | VancityBuzz | East Village Vancouver

About Pallet Coffee Roasters

At Pallet Coffee Roasters quality, traceability, & transparency always come first. We source in season coffees from only exceptional producers to show that everyone can get a nice cup.

To create anything delicious, the most important part is starting with simply good ingredients, and coffee is no different. Before we add a new coffee to our offering, each potential coffee has to meet our own benchmarks through multiple cupping & tasting sessions in regards to flavour, sweetness, and most importantly cleanliness. Coffees that are not specialty grade are out of the question.

We like to roast each coffee as delicately as possible to their sweetest level, taking into consideration their origin and terroir, the varietal, and processing style. The result unlocks true flavours, rather than flavours imparted by the roasting process. Coffee from different regions and origin have specific flavour characteristics of their own and we want to show these coffees in their best form.

Our roastery & coffee shop is tucked in the quaint East Village area in East Vancouver, on Semlin drive, bordering the diverse industrial & residential area. Mainly a production space, the coffee shop & tasting room lets us showcase our current offering, and at the same time visitors can see our roaster in action and the overall coffee roasting process.

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