On Santa Is A Big Fat Liar & The Ponytail Guy Who Just Won’t Let It Go


by Sean Orr | Libby, Libby, Libby, can’t you stay? Deputy NDP leader Libby Davies will not seek re-election. Oh noes! We will have to honour her service with a Lexicon entry. See ya later!

“I’m a bit tired…” Yeah, carrying the hopes and dreams of the left-wing will do that. So many questions in her wake. Did she jump or was she pushed? Does this mean the NDP is moving closer to the centre? And, of course, who will replace her? Lots of names flying around: Patti Bachus, Spencer Herbert, Charles Demers, RJ Aquino, Shane Simpson, Jody Emery, Jenny Kwan, Meena Wong…

Maybe scratch that last one. It appears that COPE took donations from developers and may have lied about it to the electorate, their own candidates, and possibly Elections BC:

Meanwhile, If this legal petition succeeds, Kirk LaPointe will replace Gregor Robertson as Vancouver mayor. My original quip was going to be something like “show me the money” or something like that but Blogra beat me to it: Randy Helten won’t reveal who’s paying for his legal challenge against Mayor Gregor Robertson. Best comment: “This legal challenge is the equivalent of a bald guy with a ponytail. Why keep clinging to something you’ve already lost? Move on, cut it off and fade into obscurity with dignity.”

We all know that Santa isn’t real, but can you believe that the following press release from the BC Government is? Stuff your stockings with B.C. coal. Nothing to do with the collapse in the price of metallurgical coal, I’m sure. Ho ho ho.

I’m not one for protecting the sanctity of religious holidays, but jesus, leave Christmas alone you damn trolls: Kids at Montreal’s Santa Claus parade told that global warming is caused by sunshine.

Harper’s Claim Regulating Oil Would Be ‘Crazy’ Criticized By Experts, Opposition. Not to mention that in 2004 he said it would be regulated.

But don’t fret: Oil companies announce plan for ‘Oil-free Canada’. “When people said, ‘No more tar sands,’ we listened”. Many lolz.

How apropos is it that a monument to the victims of communism is experiencing cost overruns? Top architect slams choice of ‘sacrosanct’ site for victims of communism memorial.

Is silent Suzanne Anton really in charge of B.C.’s liquor policies? Hey, I still can’t believe she even got elected.

When satire is too clos for comfort: Okanagan wine expert and Niagara vineyard owner get into a fist fight on CBC radio.

Not satire: Jingle Beards: Hipsters are putting Christmas ornaments in their facial hair now. No.

List of the year: Top 10 albums of 2014: Adrian Mack.

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