World Reclaimed To Showcase Aloe Designs At Beggars Banquet Starting Dec. 12


The GOODS from Aloe Designs

Vancouver, BC | World Reclaimed is excited to be selling our goods at The Beggars Banquet this winter. It’s the first time we have shown our products alongside other local designers and makers and we are stoked to be part of this year’s stellar line up.

Right now we are super busy trying to keep up with the demand for our sustainable home and garden products. It seems folks can’t get enough of our reclaimed wood Mason Bee House thanks to a recent Sunset magazine feature.

Come and check us out at The Beggars Banquet Holiday Shoppe and see our line of modern goods handmade from salvaged, reclaimed, earth friendly materials. Come to the pop up shop, support local artists and make your holiday shopping fun. You may even be able to buy a Mason Bee House if your lucky!

December 12th – 21st
Open daily 11 – 7pm
Opening party December 12th, 6pm – 11pm
Located at Gravity Pope Outlet (24 W7th Ave)


1443 East Pender Street | Vancouver, BC V5L 1V7
Telephone: 604.568.7324 | Email:
Web: | BlogFacebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram | Houzz

About The Business

Quite simply, we believe that design matters. That good design can improve lives, cultivate community, and better our environment. Optimistic, perhaps, but it’s why we do what we do.

Aloe Designs helps our clients achieve outdoor living bliss. Yes, we said bliss. Working collaboratively with our clients, we convert boring backyards and problematic patios into outdoor living spaces that are easy to love and hard to leave.

We are a full-service landscape design group with a modern take on garden making, from initial consultation through design and installation. Throughout the process we are committed to using organic, sustainable resources and sourcing locally crafted goods. It’s all part of our vision of creating beautiful garden spaces that reflect our clients’ needs, personalities, and preferences— all while leaving the world a little bit better than we found it.

Move outdoors. Live outside

Key People


Caitlin Black – Partner / Landscape Design Consultant
Owen Black – Partner / Landscape Professional


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For more information or to discuss an upcoming project please contact us via email at or by phone at 604.568.7324.

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