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Vancouver, BC | This season, Whistler Brewing Company, one of the originators of the BC craft brewing movement, will celebrate its 25th anniversary. To mark the milestone, the company is launching a limited edition Session Red Ale in a commemorative bottle.

“This is a time for us to celebrate everything that Whistler Brewing has achieved,” says Bruce Dean, President, Whistler Brewing Company. “The beer industry is tough, and while many craft breweries have come and gone, we are still proudly 100% BC owned and brewed. Whistler Brewing opened during the first BC craft beer revolution which took place in the mid-1980’s. It’s exciting to see the current explosion in our industry and be part of a community of passionate, dedicated craft beer enthusiasts.”

First established in 1989, the Whistler Brewing Company brews a wide selection of award-winning beers that encourage exploration and cater to a variety of tastes. The company has a malt-forward approach to craft brewing and is known for developing original and interesting recipes.

The company is releasing a special, limited-edition Fox Tail Session Red Ale, which will be available from mid-December in 25th Anniversary 12-packs at liquor stores throughout BC. The Fox Tail Session Red is the perfect anniversary ale due to its celebratory red hue, initial malt sweetness, and toffee caramel notes, complemented by citrus hop and a lingering finish.

“We know our customers love interesting and unique beer recipes so we’re excited to release this special 25th anniversary blend. Our brews pay tribute to the natural beauty of the region and our Fox Tail Session Red Ale is inspired by the resourcefulness of Whistler’s shy red foxes,” says Matt Dean, head brewer, Whistler Brewing. “We are looking forward to celebrating with our customers and the Whistler community and excited about what the next 25 years will bring.”

Whistler Brewing also extended its line-up this year when it launched Forager, the first gluten-free beer brewed in BC, and Big Sky UnCommon Lager, a complex and hop-forward lager brewed using a hot fermentation technique which dates back to the 1890s.


1045 Millar Creek Road, Whistler, BC | V0N 1B1
Telephone: 604-731-2900
Email: info@whistlerbeer.com
Website: www.whistlerbeer.com
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If you are a licensee and would like to pour Whistler beer at your establishment, please contact us at 604-731-2900. And feel free to visit us our Whistler Brewing facility up in Function Junction. We would be happy to show you around, chat about the beer-making process and have you sample our delicious and refreshing brews in our tasting room.


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Our Beer

Like our foraging pal the Whistling Marmot, we’ve hunted and gathered all the flavours you’d expect from a genuine craft lager. With a grist of sorghum and rice, it’s hop forward and full of character. Golden amber in colour, with a lightly floral aroma, complimented by Bravo and Saaz – style hops.

Big Sky UnCommon Lager
Back in the 1890’s, before refrigeration and modern brewing techniques, lager were hot fermented in the warm climate – much like an ale is today. What was common then in uncommon today. Whistler Big Sky Uncommon Lager brings back the hot fermentation tradition, creating a highly complex and unique craft lager. Full bodied, bold in character, with a decisively hop-forward, clean finish. Like mountain skies after a summer storm, there’s nothing quite like it.

Winter Dunkel – Seasonal Only Available November to Feb
When you try a Whistler Winter Dunkel you will notice some delicate citrus, orange aroma complimented by the chocolate. On the palate you experience a rich beer with toffee, chocolate and orange taste. The bitterness from the hops is just enough to compensate for the rich malty flavors without leaving a distinct note. All this is accompanied by the distinct bitterness from the bitter orange. This is a rich ale to be sipped and enjoyed. Try with a dessert accompaniment – such as Black Forrest Cake or even a Christmas pudding.

Valley Trail Chestnut Ale
Valley Trail Chestnut Ale is a true reflection of the fall season. The roasted chestnuts impart a unique, bold nutty character with vanilla notes. Meanwhile, the blend of robust caramel and crystal malts give the brew a deep brown amber hue. Drink it while you can as this small batch, limited release brew will only be around for the fall season.

Powder Mountain Lager
Voted by Whistler residents as their preferred lager, this lightly hopped North American style lager has become our top seller in the Whistler area. It’s crisp as a moonlit night, cool as a mountain stream and clear as a howl at midnight.

Whiskey Jack Ale
This proprietary dark-amber recipe is dry-hopped with English Kent hops for a true craft beer experience. Warm, copper colour. A well-rounded mouth feel with subtle bittering. A perfectly balanced session ale.

Bear Paw Honey Lager
Whistler really is bear country and it’s quite common to meet a hungry bear on the Whistler Valley Trail. Which is fine, unless you happen to be carrying a Whistler Bear Paw Honey Lager; ‘cause we all know bears love real honey, right??? Our honey lager is fresh-brewed and fermented with 100% organic BC honey, so you can actually smell the honey aromas and taste silky smooth honey on the finish. It’s a very unique lager experience.

Black Tusk Ale
OK, we know there aren’t any woolly mammoths in Whistler, but this is one really old recipe… dating way back to 1989, when we first started business. To date, we have won 2 World Awards for this dark, English-style mild ale. You can expect a mild bitterness with notes of chocolate and roasted coffee, and a very clean finish. Oh, and Black Tusk Ale is named for a famous local landmark – the jet black core of a now-extinct volcano. A must-see when you next come to Whistler.

Lost Lake IPA
Like the waters of Lost Lake, our Unfiltered India Pale Ale is refreshing and with a real bite. This Northwest style IPA is bold and hoppy with 75 IBU’s and 6.8% ABV. But this is a complex drop, too, with fruity notes of grapefruit and passion fruit. For Extra body and mouth feel, Lost Lake IPA is naturally carbonated and unfiltered. Or, as we call it here at Lost Lake, au natural.

About Whistler Brewing


Established in 1989, the Whistler Brewing Company is an originator in the BC craft brewing movement and remains proudly 100% BC owned and brewed. With its Tap House and brewery in Function Junction, the company actively promotes the municipality of Whistler through their packaging and product and in doing so, brings a spotlight on BC wherever Whistler beer travels, be it throughout BC, Canada, or the world.

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