On Bad Liquor Commercials And Scientists Telling Us To Consume More Wine


by Treve Ring | Survey says! The Sonoma State University Wine Business Institute just released a snapshot of their annual survey of American wine drinkers, sampled across every state. Of interest: only 16% look for organic wine when purchasing wine, with research indicating that many Americans assume that most wine is organic anyway (newsflash = Two Buck Chuck is the opposite of organic). Some consumers confuse the term “biodynamic” with “genetically modified,” which can be a deterrent to purchase (the say NO go GMO campaign was catchy). And when asked about their favourite wine tourism destination, quite a few answered “Sanoma” (sic). Reminder – this survey was conducted by the Sonoma State University.

Related American drinking news: the most ridiculous local liquor store commercials ever.

A bottle of wine a day is not bad for you and abstaining is worse than drinking. Because, science!

Remember, that’s one bottle a day, not 5. That’s when you need Nalmefene.

If you’re on Santa’s Good List, you’ll find the In-Flight Cocktail Kit in your stocking. If you’ve been naughty, this will be waiting for you instead.

Santa – and all the teenagers in your house – will be happy when you decorate the tree with Nuvino. The press release just makes me want a drink (not Nuvino, in case you were wondering):

Well, Nuvino is the answer to all your problems. Just imagine your readers waking up on Christmas morning and finding wine in their stockings. Nuvino is the perfect shape, size and weight to be easily popped into a Christmas stocking or hung on the Christmas tree. Nuvino is a new line of premium single serve wine in a pouch from vineyards around the world. It also offers the opportunity to experience premium wines from around the world such as their Red Blend from Australia, Malbec from Argentina, Sauvignon Blanc from Chile, and Chardonnay from South Africa. Nuvino is easy to drink with no corkscrew, just simply drink it from the spout.

But that press release ain’t got nothin’ on this crackerbox for Hangover Naturals (Trashgiving Eve??):

“Forget Black Friday, how about Blackout Wednesday? Help your readers celebrate Trashgiving Eve the right way, by taking full advantage of the biggest drinking night of the year without ruining their appetite for all things turkey. Hangover Naturals has the perfect, all natural remedy to keep away headaches and nausea that could keep you from feasting on this day of thanks.”

Finland’s strict spirit advertising laws have censored the word “Whisky” from a large beer & whisky expo, and have asked organizers to remove the word from its logo and for all bloggers and media to remove the word from their posts as well. Backlash = #Viskigate trending on Twitter.

Dom Perignon pairs with everything. Except for a Grand Slam breakfast (with a $300 bill). #Fail Denny’s.

Captain Kirk William Shatner is commanding the internets with his new web series “Brown Bag Wine Tasting”. Captain Shatner asks willing participants to blindly taste wine and describe it in terms of their occupations. “I’m using wine as a way to explore the psyche of each of my guests,” according to the captain. Here’s him exploring the psyche of celebrity chef Alton Brown.

Tricky to work this into a tasting note for Vinport’s new Klingon Bloodwine; the back label bears their rallying cry of “yIlop! wa’IeS chaq maHegh!” That’s “Celebrate! Tomorrow we may die!” for all you non-Trekkies. Well, drink up.

Had your fill of Pumpkin Spice Lattes (aka are you glowing orange yet?) Introducing the Bacon Spice Latte.

Why stop at a latte though when you can have Dogfish Head’s new breakfast beer instead? It’s brewed with the perfected ratio of maple syrup, applewood smoked barley, milk sugar, coffee and 25 pounds of scrapple (Spam’s cousin).

Might as well drink breakfast beer in Colorado, since you can’t buy any more Count Chocula. Thanks a LOT, Black Bottle Brewery.

How do you know a buzzword has been officially and irrevocably co-opted? When Pepsi releases a “Craft” Cola – sorry, I mean Craft Kola.

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