Digging Into Glorious Bowls At Max Noodle House On Alexander Rd.


Let’s get one thing straight right off the top; in the battle for the best wonton noodle, Michigan Noodle House was the reigning champion until it recently (and unceremoniously) shuttered its doors on Alexander Road, Richmond’s epicentre of varietal Chinese eating. Since then, the war has raged on for the glories inherent in these nuanced bowls and nearby Max Noodle House is one of the undisputed superpowers.

Wonton noodles have long taken a bum rap as a sad staple of cheap Cantonese-style take-out, but Max Noodle House restores them to their rightful place as a venerable classic. Owned by the Mak family – the royal family of the wonton game – Max is a golden needle buried deep in a restaurant haystack. It embodies the essential traits of what sets a good bowl of wonton noodle apart from a bad one. From the balance between the chewy, al dente texture of the alkaline “kan-sui” noodles to the crisp snap of the plump shrimp wontons treading in a piping hot bowl of lightly flavoured broth, it’s all served in a modest ceramic that speaks to quality over quantity. I pair mine with a side of gai lan and amplify it with a splash of red vinegar.

If you’re looking for an alternative to wontons, the beef brisket lo mein is a reliable standby.

Max Noodles | 8291 Alexandra Road | Richmond, BC | 604-231-8141 | No Website

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