On Kinder Morgan’s Remedial Geography And Diet Racism In Kits


by Sean Orr | Global Protesting System: Contempt charges thrown out at pipeline protest. “The order comes after Kinder Morgan acknowledged it had used incorrect GPS co-ordinates when it sought an injunction related to its Trans Mountain pipeline…” So they can’t even read a map but they’re going to ship billions of litres of bitumen through the mountains? Facepalm. Put them on the list of big GPS fails.

In other cartographic news: Novel Map Targets Hidden Opportunities for Affordable Housing. “One more example of how civil society is stepping into the void left by the reduced role of various levels of government in providing housing…”

Kits just ain’t what it used to be: Rental home supply dries up in Vancouver creating ‘zombie neighbourhoods’. “You literally can visibly see the international buyers and realtors cruising the street and taking down house numbers…” Because they have their passports taped to their foreheads? What does an American buyer look like exactly? “This isn’t an issue of race…” she says as she tucks into an ice cold can of Diet Racism.

B.C. Group Blames Traffic Jams On Too Many Immigrants. In a way, it’s true. There weren’t many traffic jams when the Coast Salish were running things. Unless they had canoe jams or something. Just saying…

Petition raises concerns over future of Brickhouse. Must everything we touch turn to shit?

Because here’s what it might look like: Main and Union. Sigh…

Breaking the camel’s back: B.C. liquor changes will mean higher prices for consumers.

Confused? That’s because the B.C. Liberals want you mystified while behind the scenes the cutthroat liquor industry engages in a bloody war to maximize profits and reduce true competition.

Proposed $15-an-hour minimum wage is crazy talk. But parents needing two minimum wage jobs each to support a family in Metro Vancouver is totally normal? And it’s totally not crazy that Seattle’s minimum wage is 5 dollars higher than ours?

Is it crazy talk when you consider that Canada’s Inflation Now The Highest In The Developed World?

Meanwhile, Coyote $21,000 in debt after wandering through university campus. It even has its own Facebook page!

Vancouver Seawall submerged under water, closed temporarily (photos). Weird, it’s almost like the sea levels are rising or something!

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