“Blacktail Florist” To Host Special Dinner Paired With Single Pot Still Whiskies

Blacktail Florist is located at 200-332 Water Street in Vancouver, BC | 604-699-0249 | www.blacktailflorist.ca
Blacktail Florist is located at 200-332 Water Street in Vancouver, BC | 604-699-0249 | www.blacktailflorist.ca

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Vancouver, BC | Blacktail Florist is excited to host whiskey lovers for an evening of hidden Irish treasures. On November 18th at 7pm, four premium whiskies will be sampled for the first time in Canada; each of the four chosen liquors were imported directly from Ireland for this special event and will be accompanied by a one-time-only four course tasting menu by Executive Chef Geoff Rogers. Dishes are designed to complement and counterbalance the historic and comforting whiskey flavours of Ireland.

The evening’s featured whiskeys are Pot Still Irish Whiskies, a style made from both malted and unmalted barley which is triple-distilled in traditional copper pot stills. The method is commonly known as the quintessential style of Irish whiskey, and these varieties boast complex flavours and a true taste of Irish magic.

Guests will be warmly greeted in true Irish fashion—with a drink! After enjoying a complimentary Jameson Select Reserve cocktail, guests begin their journey through the evening’s main event. For those new to the charms of whiskey or wishing to expand their knowledge, the evening will be guided by a whiskey expert, Midleton Distillery-trained and Jameson Brand Ambassador to BC, Simone Kelly.

The Single Pot Still Dinner is $125 per person (excluding tax and gratuity). This includes a four-course meal paired with samples of four whiskies. Only 26 tickets will be sold to correspond with the 26oz in each bottle, so interested parties should move quickly to secure their spot. For more information or to purchase tickets, please visit www.eventbrite.ca. Whiskey breakdown and details after the jump…

$125 per guest

Green Spot

Yellow Spot

Power’s John’s Lane Release
Voted best whiskey in Ireland by Jim Murray

Redbreast 12 Year Old Cask Strength



200-332 Water Street | Vancouver, BC
Phone: 604-699-0249 | Email: info@blacktailflorist.ca
Web: www.blacktailflorist.ca | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
Hours: Monday: 1130am-230pm and 5pm-11pm
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About Blacktail Florist


Tucked among Gastown’s trademark brick buildings, Blacktail Florist shines a spotlight on some of BC’s overlooked and most humble ingredients. Wild edibles are the inspiration behind daily dishes, while a range of thoughtfully selected wines by the glass and bottle showcase the best varietals from our region.

Outdoor meets indoor in the welcoming, woodland-inspired interior designed by studio Ste. Marie and guests are encouraged to unwind over an adventurous and satisfying meal in a delicate and warm setting.

The name Blacktail Florist represents the restaurant’s commitment to wild, local, beautifully curated food. Representing the masculine spirit, the name Blacktail is taken from an indigenous deer primarily found on the West Coast, which speaks to the rough and wild ingredients incorporated into the dishes. Symbolizing the feminine, the word Florist evokes a gatherer of flowers and organic materials, who arranges these items in playful and attractive ways.

Blacktail Florist offers an approachable and appealing wine list, guiding guests through a modern collection of notable and rare local varietals that complement flavours and aromas from the kitchen.

Blacktail Florist’s interior design draws its inspiration from BC’s wild natural beauty. Vancouver designer Craig Stanghetta of Ste. Marie Art + Design invites us to escape to the forest, using organic and natural materials to evoke the comfort and freshness of a floral woodland grove. The minimalist space is lined with grand art deco windows containing built in vitrines; gently frosted, they house wild blossoms and other oddities. Guests dine among fresh living greenery and warm indigenous woods softly lit by custom, handcrafted lighting by Good Animal that cascade from the restaurant’s ceilings and walls.

Press & Accolades


“Don’t Go to Blacktail Florist looking for a spring arrangement. For food made from the best B.C. has to offer, however, this Gastown eatery should be your next dining destination.” — Anya Levykh, WE Vancouver, April 24, 2014

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