The Crispy Strip Mall Awesomeness Of Richmond’s “LA Chicken”


Comedian Chris Rock once famously quipped that “after you have Popeyes, you need one of those ‘Men in Black’ memory sticks to erase your memory or else you will just keep coming back to this place every day.” I feel the same way about LA Chicken. Really, the only thing stopping me from a daily visit is the fact that it’s located in a banal strip mall buried deep in Richmond. They follow the fundamental of good fried chicken: a crispy exterior guarding a juicy, tender interior, all without being too greasy. A two piece supper complete with fries, salad, and “down home” gravy is just $10. Bonus: onion chips, McCain cake, and sun-bleached fast food decor from the 1980s.

  • 4 Piece Chicken Dinner
    4 Piece Chicken Dinner
  • LA Chicken
    LA Chicken
  • LA Chicken Menu
    LA Chicken Menu
  • Decor
  • Finger Licking Good
    Finger Licking Good

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  1. I love LA Chicken. Best fried chicken in the GVRD. Instead of the fries (which are mediocre) have it with their fried rice. It’s much a better side.

  2. LA Chicken is good but their fries and slaw are awful, now go across the street ( a couple of doors down from Fruiticana) to Red Rooster Broasted Chicken and you will experience the BEST fried chicken in the lower mainland and the fries are darn good. JUST TRY IT.

  3. The spicy version of their chicken is not all that spicy, yet it tastes a lot better than the regular version. I have to agree, the fries are meh, and the whole restaurant could use a good cleaning and a makeover, but I don’t go there for the atmosphere, just for the best chicken in town.

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