Staff Tasting At Highly Anticipated (Imminent) Gyoza Bar


by Andrew Morrison | The highly anticipated Gyoza Bar – a new 80 seater at 622 West Pender St. – is set to open for its first service this Saturday. The restaurant, which comes to us via Seigo Nakamura (owner of Miku and Minami), underwent staff training/tasting last night and is headed for a “friends and family” dry run this evening.

I took a look inside last night as the staff were eating their way through the menu. There was a great energy in the space with all the opening hires getting to know one another over a shared, educational supper as GM Nicola Turner and corporate chef Kazuya Matsuoka guiding their chopsticks.

It’s an awesome-looking menu, and the few bites I managed made an impact. When you eventually go for the first time, set aside your gyoza cravings for a moment and aim for the chicken shio ramen. The broth is like an umami sauna, plus they sous vide the meat so it’s wicked tender. Bonus: the noodles,  prepped in house, are insanely good.

Check out the menus in the images below and let the drooling commence. You have until Saturday…

  • IMG_6457
  • IMG_6216
  • IMG_6233
  • IMG_6412
  • IMG_6141
  • IMG_6166
  • IMG_6357
  • IMG_6136
  • IMG_6139
  • IMG_6160
  • IMG_6205
  • IMG_6189
  • IMG_6184
  • IMG_6174
  • IMG_6169
  • IMG_6177
  • IMG_6135
  • IMG_6511
  • IMG_6193
  • IMG_6241
  • IMG_6259
  • IMG_6197
  • IMG_6276
  • IMG_6302
  • IMG_6474
  • IMG_6309
  • IMG_6361
  • IMG_6499
  • IMG_6532
  • IMG_6483
  • IMG_6194
  • IMG_6438
  • IMG_6429
  • IMG_6406
  • IMG_6400
  • IMG_6376
  • IMG_6195
  • IMG_6329
  • IMG_6339
  • IMG_6395
  • IMG_6343
  • IMG_6382


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