Music Direction’s Late Summer Playlist For New “Kit And Ace” In Gastown

Scout Series | Kit+Ace | from Music Direction on 8tracks Radio.

The GOODS from Music Direction

Vancouver, BC | The playlist designers over at Music Direction share their late summer tracks that are part of Kit and Ace‘s branded soundtrack. A gorgeous room filled with Technical Cashmere clothing, art by Andy Dixon and fresh tunes? What’s not to like? Their music program – featuring Rufus, Kygo, and more – will make you want to linger. Tracklist after the jump…

Red Light (Goldroom Remix) – Gigamesh
Bridges (HIGH HOOPS Remix) – Broods
What I Might Do (Kilter Remix) – Ben Pearce
Younger (Kygo Remix) – Kygo
Bloodstream (Chris Meid Remix) – Ed Sheeran
Won’t Get Away – Phil Beaudreau
Sundream (Claptone Remix) – Rufus
Miami 82 (Kygo Remix) – Syn Cole
Lost on the Way Home (feat. Solange) – Chromeo
Early Morning Champagne (feat. Joel Compass) – Woz


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#210 – 430 Railway Street
Vancouver, B.C., Canada, V6A 1B1
Phone: 1.855.350.2292
Twitter | Facebook
Tech Support: 1.888.279.2292

About Music Direction

In an increasingly competitive market, progressive restaurants and retailers are realizing how important music is. Music Direction is the ultimate music distribution and licensing service. Through a collaborative process we design a custom music profile for each of our clients. We strategically select music to match the personality of a brand. Our full colour touch-screen interface displays album art and gives managers and staff the ability to provide valuable feedback by ‘thumbing up/down’ on a track as it plays.

Current clients include Cactus Club Cafe, Opus Hotel, Donnelly Group, Glowbal Group and Mavi Jeans.


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