“Prado Cafe” On Hunt For Enthusiastic, Experienced Barista

Prado Cafe is located at 1938 Commercial Drive in Vancouver, BC | 604-255-5537 | pradocafevancouver.com
Prado Cafe is located at 1938 Commercial Drive in Vancouver, BC | 604-255-5537 | pradocafevancouver.com

The GOODS from Prado Cafe

Vancouver, BC | We are seeking an experienced, charming Barista to join our friendly team. If you are passionate, enthusiastic, have over 2 years in the coffee industry and are looking for long-term work, we’re looking for you to join us on Commercial Drive. Please forward your resume and cover letter to sammybarista [at] gmail.com. Learn more after the jump…



1938 Commercial Drive | Vancouver, BC | V5N 4A7
Telephone: 604-255-5537 | Email: info [at] pradocafevancouver.com
Web: www.pradocafevancouver.com | Twitter | Instagram
Hours: Monday–Thursday: 7am–9pm | Friday–Sunday: 7am–8pm


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Owner: Sammy Piccolo



Nestled on Commercial Drive and cornered with 4th avenue, gazing at you behind the large glass windows, you will find Prado Café, owned by none other than 4-time World Barista Championship finalist, Sammy Piccolo. The youngest of the 49th Parallel brothers takes his coffee VERY seriously, we weigh our coffee dry and again once it has been poured to confirm the coffee has been extracted correctly, to ensure that each cup is just as balanced as the last. Whilst his older brothers are perfecting the roast and taking care of business, you’ll find Sammy here delivering you a precise espresso and guaranteeing his families coffee is served to you perfectly.

But we have more than just coffee to brag about – All of our baked goods and brunch options are prepared and cooked in-store and we have a range of vegan and gluten-free goods available every day. Prado are pproud to provide a range of O5 loose-leaf tea, authentic chai and traditional matcha. Throughout summer 2014 we will have a community parklet being built at the front of the café for everyone to enjoy, customers, neighbours, visitors – everyone is welcome.

Much like our coffee and tea, our staff are a diverse collection from around the world. They are happy to help you with any questions you may have with purchasing a bag of beans, brewing coffee at home or even with just recommending a cookie. Our friendly little crew is here 7 days a week, grinding you coffee on one of our FOUR grinders, cooking brunch, baking cookies and serving smiles. Next time you’re on the drive, please stop by because we would love to make your day!

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