A New Line Of Local Bitters Is Now Available At Chinatown’s Modern Bartender

The Modern Bartender is located at Unit 28 East Pender Street in Vancouver, BC | 604-684-1747 | www.themodernbartender.com
The Modern Bartender is located at 28 East Pender St in Vancouver | 604-684-1747 | themodernbartender.com

The GOODS from The Modern Bartender

Vancouver, BC | The Modern Bartender is excited to announce the arrival of a fantastic new line of small batch bitters – “Apothecary Bitters” – which are made right here in Vancouver. We will be stocking all flavours, and as soon as their new seasonal and barrel-aged bitter are ready we’ll have those too! These small batch craft bitters are loaded with flavour and incredibly deep and complex, so come by and pick up a bottle or three…



Unit 28 East Pender Street | Vancouver, BC
Telephone: 604-684-1747
Web: www.themodernbartender.com | Facebook


  • Wrap around interior shot
  • Potions
  • Mod Bar Barrel
  • Mixware
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  • Front entrance Mod bar
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Owner: Rod Moore



The Modern Bartender is Vancouver’s first and only brick and mortar location for all things Drink! It’s known as “The Imbibers Playhouse”, and here’s why:

Bitters – over 100 flavors
Mixing glassware (including directly imported Japanese and european products)
Books – recipes, history, spirit and more
Drinking glassware (Coupe, Rocks, Flutes, Nick & Nora, Glencairn, Zombie, Collins, shot, etc)
Syrups &Sodas
Tools – spoons, tins, strainers, jiggers, muddlers, zesters, juicers and much, much more
Specialty items – acid phosphate, whisky stones, wine aerators, Ice machines and crushers, home bar fridges
Vintage – ice buckets, glassware, accessories
Barrels – age your own cocktail!

The Modern Bartender also stocks your only source for Tiki bar must haves with a huge selection of Tiki mugs, Trader Vic mixers, bowls, specialty barkeeper lounge wear (fedoras and vintage style lounge shirts to keep you in the mood), and much more. Keep your eyes open for our winter seminars.

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