On Peacekeeping And Our Civic Election Being Decided By Big Oil


by Sean Orr | From middle path to middle finger: Canada’s ‘Middle-Path’ Foreign Policy Days Are ‘Gone’. Yeah? No shit. Canada as a peacekeeping nation is a myth. But I guess it’s at least comforting to hear it from the horse’s mouth.

NDP Broke Rules On Taxpayer-Funded Activities. I guess that makes the NDP a real party now? Welcome to the club, guys!

RIP, peace: No Enbridge might have been the last peaceful Northern Gateway protest. Well, if what is happening in Australia is any indication: Hundreds of police to break Bentley blockade. Meanwhile, back at the ranch: Los Angeles Oil Spill Sends 10,000 Gallons Of Crude Into City Streets. And just when you thought LA couldn’t get any greasier…

Political tool: Vancouver mother gives small daughter sign at anti-oil protest reading “Fuck Enbridge”. “Nothing makes me angrier than adults using children as political tools,” writes blogger BC Blue (while doing exactly that).

Pass the petro-buck: Vancouver to ask federal government for referendum on Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline. “The way things are in Vancouver right now, if we were to hold one during the municipal election, oil money—big oil money—would be going in and supporting one side or another…” Because, we all know how easy it is to pay off city council, right? *cough* developers *cough* And because big-oil has totally not already bought the Feds, right?

Crap College: Capilano University seizes instructor’s sculpture of president with poodle. What is it about poodles that make Vancouverites so mad?

Slumdog revisited: Creepy or misunderstood? ‘Beautiful People’ Facebook page goes voyeur on streets of Vancouver. Oh, but it’s ok. It’s just to promote a Wellness Travel Centre… “So we were thinking why not create a page that we could share it to everyone how beautiful Vancouver, B.C. is! And get more tourists to come and visit us. Make Vancouver, B.C. a must-go place on earth! ” Great, just what we need…

Taken for granted: Beatroute gets denied a grant because it doesn’t charge people to read it. Perhaps that’s why they needed a grant.

Introducing: Ricochet.

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