Fairmont Pacific Rim’s 100% “Ocean Wise” Raw Bar

    It’s not on the “it” list of sushi eateries in town, but as you can see above, the wee little Raw Bar attached to the Fairmont Pacific Rim’s Lobby Lounge plates some awesome stuff. Aim for the oysters, the yellowfin tuna tataki, and the Northern Divine caviar served on tamago nigiri. Our visit came on the heels of the hotel’s recent boast that resident sushi chef “Taka” Omi was now only using sustainable, Ocean Wise-approved seafoods. Did that fact make everything taste better? Doubtful, but it’s also hard to imagine how any of the delicious plates could have been improved. Omi and his crew are wizards with knives, and they get to play with some very fine fish. Pay them a proper visit when your wallet’s fat and your appetite is ready.

    Fairmont Pacific Rim | 1038 Canada Place | 604-695-5300 | Website


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