Fishing Net Art Installation Rises At The Convention Centre


We spied Boston-based artist Janet Echelman’s new work, Skies Painted with Unnumbered Sparks, going up high yesterday in the air between the Vancouver Convention Centre and the Fairmont Hotel. The 745ft wide partially crowd-funded and interactive piece was inspired by fishing nets. “Using physical gestures, visitors will be able to choreograph the lighting in real time via their mobile devices.” It officially launches this Saturday and will be on display until March 23rd before travelling to other cities.

“The sculpture is an extension of the idea Echelman presented in her talk, “Taking imagination seriously.” In the talk, Echelman shares how she fell in love with a new material — fishing net — and began creating voluptuous forms that contrast with the hard edges generally found in cities. She revealed the challenge of making these sculptures both durable and permanent, but also able to react to the wind. She shared her dream of taking these sculptures to the next level by finding materials light enough to attach to existing buildings in a neighborhood rather than requiring a new supporting steel structure.”


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  1. Is anyone else worried that this if going to end up being a giant bird catching net? I work in animal rescue and I foresee many a mangled pigeon in my future.

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