Fiona Morrison’s “Wolf Circus” Jewelry At Gastown’s Cavalier This Month

Cavalier is located at #217-207 West Hastings St. in Vancouver, BC | 604-681-0047 |
Cavalier is located at #217-207 West Hastings St. in Vancouver, BC | 604-681-0047 |

The GOODS from Cavalier

Vancouver, BC | Cavalier’s Designer of the Month for December is Fiona Morrison of Wolf Circus Jewelry. Fiona Morrison created Wolf Circus Jewelry in 2011 while attending University. She began the company after purchasing a wolf head ring and noticing the discussion and compliments a simple piece of jewelry could bring. Wolf Circus Jewelry is intended for the bold, beautiful, brainy and badass. These pieces aim to inspire confidence and spark imagination every time you slip them on.

New Collection – Creatures of Desire | My main inspiration when creating a piece is derived from the feeling it brings the wearer. Getting dressed and designing a piece around my mood triggers my imagination the most. Some days we wake up feeling sophisticated and sometimes we want some spikes to feel a little more edgy. I have pieces in my collection that can be both worn to your sister’s wedding or necklaces that can be used to shotgun beers. Creatures of Desire is a more refined and dainty collection that still follows this inspiration path.

Charity | As part of Cavaliers initiative to support the community, 5% of sales will go towards the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada.



#217-207 W. Hastings St. | Vancouver, BC | V6B 1H7
Telephone: (604) 681-0047 | Toll Free: 1 (800) 808-4367 | Email:
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The People


Dane Stevens, Owner
Keith Seabrook, Owner

About Cavalier


As owners with significant connections to the local music industry, Dane and Keith enjoy using a musical analogy when describing the variety of their collection. If equated to a radio station, Cavalier would be playing everything from underground hip-hop to classic rock to the latest indie buzz band. Because they have the ability to accommodate any design imaginable, each customer will either find or create a piece suited to their own unique tastes. To that end, Cavalier has partnered with their highly regarded local designers to create collections exclusive to Cavalier.

A highlight of this collaboration is a gentleman’s collection suited to the tastes of a demographic often left on the periphery of the jewellery industry. Eminently appealing to both men and the women who shop for them, this collaboration features items such as Sterling Silver flasks, combs, and tie clips. Such pieces, stylish and enduring in nature, also make for ideal gifts of appreciation from groom to groomsman.

Owing largely to such variety, we are confident you will enjoy a buying experience different than that offered by any jewellery retailer in Canada. Although the purchase of a piece of jewellery can, quite literally, be a once in a lifetime investment, your experience at Cavalier will eschew the feelings of anxiety typically associated with such purchases and instead encourage the feelings of comfort associated with more traditional purchases.

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