Get Out To All Three Of Chinatown’s Photography Shows On Friday


As noted in the Scout List this week, it’ll be a pretty swell thing to hit up Chinatown on Friday night. There are three fantastic photography shows holding opening nights within steps of one another. Start out with Tristan Casey’s “Asleep in your Branches” at Positive Negative Gallery, then head next door for “India on an Enfield” at The Shop (wherein Ola Cholewa and Shea Pollard explore Northern India on a Royal Enfield motorcycle) before finishing off with a wander around David Semeniuk’s “Perimeter” show at the Gam Gallery. Here’s the skinny on each…

ASLEEP IN YOUR BRANCHES | “Tristan Casey captures the side of BC most of us only dream of, yet never venture out to realize. Casey’s gaze falls into the heart and soul of our own backyard, recording the beauty and impermanence that is easily discoverable beyond the edge of our city limits. In “Asleep In Your Branches”, his vision guides one through a timeless dreamscape that is beautiful British Columbia.”
Fri, Oct. 11 | Positive Negative Gallery (436 Columbia) | DETAILS

PERIMETER | “For this exhibition, Semeniuk walked along the boundaries of the City of Vancouver with his partner Alice Campbell. This took place in nine separate trips between February 3 and April 7, 2013, the walks sometimes taking up to eight hours. Beginning in the northeast corner of the city at New Brighton Park, in view of the Port of Vancouver, the Iron Worker’s Memorial Bridge and the nearby Cascadia grain elevators, Semeniuk photographed the outer edges of the city, skirting places inaccessible to the public because of industry or private property. Other boundaries are less clear, such as the transition from Vancouver to the University Endowment Lands, or the small wooden stake demarcating the Musqueam Indian Reserve from the nearby multi-million dollar properties in the Southlands neighborhood. Issues of class, private property and accessibility in general circulate throughout Perimeter.”
Fri, Oct. 11 | Gam Gallery (110 E Hastings St @ Columbia) | DETAILS

INDIA ON AN ENFIELD | “Photographers Ola Cholewa and Shea Pollard took a trip to India in 2012… On the edge of the Ganges river they set out to find a man named Lucky whom they’d heard rented out Royal Enfields. On a bustling street amongst cows, tuk tuks, scooters, dogs, and 4×4’s they found a small shop called Lucky Motors…and here it began. A six week journey across the Northern mountain ranges of India on a silver bullet.”
Fri, Oct. 11 | The Shop (432 Columbia St) | DETAILS


Honour Bound details the many cool things that we feel honour bound to check out because they either represent Vancouver exceptionally well or are inherently super awesome in one way or another.

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