Victory Gardens Needs Your Vote To Win $25,000 In Fresh Funding

Regular readers will know all about Victory Gardens, the local co-operative that empowers folks with the education and infrastructure required to grow their own food. Sam, Sandra, and Lisa are regular contributors to Scout (we think they’re just as awesome as individuals as they are a team), so we’re stoked to report that they’ve just been named one of the finalists in The National Co-op Challenge, a national social media contest created by The Co-operators. They stand to win $25,000 if they win, so anyone with a Facebook account can vote for them between today and October 18. If you don’t do the Facebook thing, voting through a microsite is provided. Make sure to read the voting instructions. You need to vote for THREE videos for your ballot to be valid. Here’s a little background on what VG will do with the money if they win…

The winning funds will be used by Victory Gardens to create an educational YouTube series that provides prospective gardeners with tips on planting and maintaining their own garden. Currently, Victory Gardens facilitates a diverse selection of workshops in addition to a weekly posts on Scout Magazine which feature tips for growing and consuming local and seasonal produce. The YouTube series would be an in-depth, and interactive knowledge-sharing tool for gardeners at every skill level. Victory Gardens is rallying the local community to help them rise to the top of the National Co-op Challenge by casting their voting to support their growth “We believe that for many, growing food is a mystery, and as a result, never pick up a spade. Our goal, in everything that we do, is to make growing accessible, with the hopes seeing more production! This YouTube series will provide everyone, whether you consume our services or not, the tools to grow some of what you eat, presented in a fun, light and super accessible way!”

If the videos are as fun as the sample one above (sadly cuts out at 1:27), we can expect a really cool web series. Good luck, girls! We’re rooting for you!


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