The Writer’s Exchange Opens Awesome New Space & Needs Kids!


The Writers’ Exchange is a local program that offers inner city kids a place to can learn to love the craft of writing. To date, their programs have been run out of a small classroom at Queen Alexandra School and in various classrooms across East Vancouver. This week, however, the program opened their first public space at 881 East Hastings.

The literacy superstars running the show, Sarah Maitland and Jennifer MacLeod, are aiming to ensure that every Vancouver child has the opportunity to build the literacy skills necessary to access a world where anything is possible. That’s a pretty great vision and we think our city will be a better place for it. Registration is currently under way, so if you know of any kids who might benefit from signing up for free weekly workshops, get busy and pass the word around. Currently on offer are Theatre Mondays (Grades 4 to 7); Lit Kids (Grades 1 to 3); Multimedia Blogging (Grades 8 to 12); and You Are A Superhero (Grades 4 to 7).

If you’re curious, The Writers Exchange is holding an open house from 4-9pm on Sunday, September 22.

The Writers’ Exchange | 881 East Hastings | 778.888.5498 |


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