Weekly Cuppings To Be Offered At Main Street’s 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters

49th Parallel Café has two locations in Vancouver: 2152 West 4th & 2902 Main St. | Learn more at 49thparallelroasters.com

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Vancouver, BC | Starting next week, 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters is introducing free weekly coffee cuppings at their Main Street café, open to the general public. At 2 pm every Tuesday afternoon, coffee enthusiasts are invited to join the company’s staff to learn a little more about coffee sourcing and regions, and then do a comparative cupping with examples of 49th Parallel’s current offerings.

So what is “cupping?” Cupping is a process that green coffee buyers, roasting teams and quality control groups use to determine quality and viability of a coffee. Where “tasting” is a more casual affair, cupping is a protocol with a 100-point scoring grade that systematically helps coffee professionals judge the quality of a coffee. The team at 49th Parallel cup at the roastery each morning to evaluate current production roasts. They also cup at origin with producing partners, again when a pre-shipment sample of a purchased coffee arrives, and also when a new shipment of coffee is received at the roastery.

Themes for the first few cuppings include:

• September 17: In season offerings including some from Honduras, Guatemala, Kenya and Ethiopia that are fresh off the boat!

• September 24: Focus on Honduras, cupping two of our favourites, El Ocotillo and La Benedicion, and talking about the Honduran market and how we work with our exporting partner there.

• October 1: A rendezvous with Roya, also known as leaf rust. We’ll talk about how this disease is affecting cup quality, and then cup unaffected and affected beans side-by-side so you can taste the difference.

The weekly cuppings will be held at 49th Parallel’s Main Street café (2902 Main Street at East 13th Avenue) at 2 pm every Tuesday afternoon. Reservations are encouraged, and can be made via the 49th Parallel Facebook page. Info about upcoming cuppings will be posted on the page as well.


Forty Ninth Parallel Café – Kitsilano Location: 2198 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver
Forty Ninth Parallel Café – Mount Pleasant Location: 2902 Main Street, Vancouver
Roastery and Office: 6741 Cariboo Road, Burnaby – 604-420-4900
Web: www.49thparallelroasters.com | @49thParallel @49thGreen @49thCafe | Facebook


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Vince Piccolo – Owner
Mie Hansen – Green Coffee Buyer
Barrett Jones – Sales
Colter Jones – Lucky’s Doughnuts
Kyle Straw – Barista Training and Quality Control
Nic Witzke –  Sales and Quality Control


49th Parallel Coffee Roasters endeavours to source the world’s finest coffee beans and roast them to satisfy discerning palates. With a true passion and dedication for specialty coffee, we are committed to offering only the freshest, highest quality coffee to our customers. Every batch of green coffee is carefully roasted to bring out its preeminent qualities. Our buyers travel around the world to meet directly with the farmers at their coffee farms in order to develop relationships that create a better future for everyone involved. We set ethical standards with our direct relationship program and pay a special premium that is above the Fair Trade price standard. The resulting discoveries from our efforts are proudly brought back for you to enjoy.

Every coffee is precisely cupped and carefully evaluated. No exceptions. No short-cuts.

With two locations, the 49th Parallel Cafés in the heart of Kitsilano and Mount Pleasant showcase our own range of coffees, prepared expertly. Even the best coffee can be ruined if it’s not fixed correctly, and we strive to make every cup meticulously, whether you’re enjoying one of our single origin drip coffees or a drink based on our Epic Espresso. Consistently, hands-down, the best cup of coffee you’ll find.

The 49th Parallel Café in Mount Pleasant is also home to Lucky’s Doughnuts. Authentic, hand-crafted and genuinely delicious, our doughnuts are made fresh throughout the day using the highest quality natural ingredients. With all components made from scratch including jams, glazes and fillings, the company also strives to source locally and seasonally.


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