On Brazen Bike Thefts And The Sucking Sound Of Our Newspapers


by Sean Orr | Bait and switch: Vision Vancouver accused of “misleading” residents with use of term “affordable housing”. “What’s wrong with that?” replies Kerry Jang, a tacit admission of obfuscation (or sheer contempt). What’s wrong is that you’re using affordable housing as a bargaining chip to ameliorate the impact of large scale development.

No Wonder Hotel: Downtown Eastside landlord ‘wanted’ over debts to former tenants. Takeaway: you might live in affordable housing if your landlord makes you buy methadone off of him.

Video shows brazen bike theft in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Sorry, Raymond, but I have no sympathy. Perhaps if you were some oblivious tourist, but you work in the DTES! You should know better than to U-Lock your electric bike at Columbia and Hastings for 45 minutes.

Meanwhile: Camera rolls as man allegedly steals photo gear at Stanley Park wedding ceremony. Serves them right for smiting god and having their wedding in the cheap showiness of nature.

Paper tiger: Postmedia share price plummets. I’d like to think it was because of their anachronistic editorials and sensationalist headlines, but it’s probably because trees.

When Stoners go hunting: B.C.-born NHL player faces uproar over grizzly killing. FYI, if any regular readers out there have encountered The Sun or The Province’s paywall, just open the link in a new incognito window!

First Xtra West, now this: Marijuana advocate Dana Larsen wants Tim Hortons to restore access to Sensible B.C. website. Tim Hortons is now a microcosm of the Canadian Government.

Tweet of the day c/o Canadian Cynic:

Satire of the day: To ensure every child ‘wins’, Ontario athletic association removes ball from soccer. I don’t normally suggest that you read the comments, but in this case I implore you to.

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