Tomonobu Mitobe To Lead Special Sake Supper At PiDGiN On September 24th

Pidgin is located at 350 Carrall Street in Vancouver’s Gastown | 604.620.9400 |

The GOODS from Pidgin

Vancouver, BC | Pidgin is set to feature a five-course tasting menu on September 24 at 6:30PM. It will guest-hosted by Tomonobu Mitobe, owner/operator of Japan’s Mitobe brewery. Mitobe will guide diners on a journey through the flavours and aromas of the Yamagata Masamune Sake collection while executive chef Makoto Ono will pair the drinks with a five-course menu complete with amuse bouche and dessert.

A small-scale artisan with generations of wisdom and experience in the sake industry, Mitobe Sake Brewery uses traditional methods to produce the Yamagata Masamune collection. Local mineral water from the Tachiya River and neighbouring rice and noble rice varietals result in crisp and refined flavour profiles. The brewery pays homage to Masamune, Japan’s legendary swordsmith, by crafting clean-cutting, smooth and superior quality sake.

The Yamagata Masamune Sake event is $100 per person, including tax and gratuity, with limited seating available. The evening includes a five-course tasting menu, with an amuse bouche and dessert, all paired with sake. Guests are encouraged to reserve early by calling the restaurant at 604-620-9400. Check out the full Sake Lineup after the jump…

1. Suifuyo Shinko daiginjo
Yamada-nishki rice, 35% milling

2. Yamagata Masamune vintage 2012, junmai ginjo
Akaiwa-omachi rice, 50% milling

3. Yamagata Masamune, junmai
Dewa-san-san rice, 55% milling

4. Yamagata Masamune Usunigori, junmai ginjo
Dewa-san-san, 50% , milling

5. Yamagata Masamune, junmai ginjo
Omachi-rice, 50% milling

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