Last Call For Vancouver’s Creative, Crafty, Jellyfish-Inspired Baristas!


From our good friends at the Vancouver Aquarium:

Jellyfish are poised to invade Vancouver’s best java joints from September 16th to the 22nd when the Vancouver Aquarium launches its Jelly Invasion Latte Art Contest. The Aquarium is inviting local baristas, known for the intricate designs they swirl into foam, to inject some sea life into their lattes. Beyond their usual repertoire of hearts, flowers and leaves, they’re being invited to add beautiful jellyfish to the mix during the contest period. Cafés will book a spot in the contest, choose their barista participants, photograph their best entries and submit the photographs to the contest (one per barista).

Café owners can also put up posters and use social media to encourage their patrons to vote for their favourite latte jelly on the Vancouver Aquarium Facebook page. Voters have a chance to win two adult tickets to the Aquarium in a daily draw being held simultaneously with the contest. The winner of the Jelly Invasion Latte Art Contest, to be announced the week of Sept. 23, receives a special interpreter-led behind-the-scenes tour of the Aquarium.

Jellyfish are among the Aquarium’s most photographed creatures because of their luminous bodies and the graceful, balletic quality of their movements. There are more than 15 different species currently on display at the Aquarium’s Jelly Invasion exhibit. Among the models the baristas might consider for inspiration are the lion’s mane, whose tentacles can grow to the length of a convoy of five public transit buses parked end to end – though that might require a dangerously huge cup of coffee – and the West Pacific’s tentacle-free spotted jellyfish. From moon jellies to blubber jellies, there are jellies to captivate every type of visitor, from the young to the young at heart.

Contest information can be found here, with key dates below:

Baristas to reserve a spot by August 31

· Practice jelly latte art and submit their best photo by September 15

· Consumer voting period opens September 16 to 22

· Winner selected the week of September 23

· Winner to be announced on Scout Magazine and live on CTV on September 26

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