On Hippy Invasions And Douglas Coupland Being A Total Jerk


by Sean Orr | Paradise Costs: Vancouver is pricey—and it’s about to get a whole lot pricier. By Dermod Travis, the executive director of IntegrityBC, which apparently hates infrastructure.

Sick day: Stressed Kwantlen employee kept vomit bucket under desk. You mean you guys don’t keep a vomit bucket under your desk? Uh…yeah. I mean, neither do I…

When a Facebook post doubles as journalism: Mitchell Kahn: Somebody stole my wife’s bicycle by unbolting the rack outside Waterfront Station. Hopefully all bike thieves will read this and feel horrible and never steal another bike again.

Skimboard fun at Spanish Banks. Skimboarding is not fun. It last for like 4 seconds. Do skimboarders walk down an icy street in the winter and go “whee” and call it a sport? The kids in the photo are the only people that should actually enjoy skimboarding because they are too young to know anything about anything.

Hipster beards blamed for poor razor sales. The downfall of Western Civilisation?

So it turns out that Douglas Coupland is a Jerk. Yup.

Headline of the day: Islanders Dread Hippie Festival. Me too, Islanders, me too.

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  1. “Since writing this, Douglas Coupland responded to me and addressed the concerns outlined in this post. I’m working on a new post right now about it. Stay tuned!”

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